The International Days are an opportunity to highlight important causes and topics, but also diseases or disorders that we do not talk about enough (hemophilia, anosmia, Angelman Syndrome). And then there are the unlikely days: those of scrapbooking, nude gardening (yes, yes) or emojis.

Next to birthdays, business meetings and (future) family meals, you can indicate the World Days that concern or speak to you. And for that, there is no better medium than the 2021 calendar.

World days month by month

In total, more than 500 World Days are listed by the site dedicated to them. We have put them together for you.


January 1: World Day of Peace
January 4: World Braille Day
January 6: World War Orphans Day
January 9: World Corsica Day
January 10: World Hindi Language Day
January 10: World Tintin Day
January 11 : World Public Domain Day
January 12: World Redhead Day or Kiss a Ginger Day
January 13: World Pantsless Day
January 13: World Hypersensitivity Day
January 17: World Italian Food Day
January 19: World Pop Corn Day
January 20: Most depressing day of the year or Blue monday
January 21: World hug day
January 22: Franco-German Day
January 23: World Handwriting Day
January 23: World Day of Solitudes
January 24: World Women’s Sports Day
January 24: World EducationDay
January 25: World Lepers Day
January 26 : World Customs and Ethics Day
January 27: World Day for Remembrance of the Holocaust and for the Prevention of Crimes Against Humanity
January 28: World Data Protection Day


February 1: World Animal Intelligence Day
February 2: World Wetlands Day
February 2: World Day for Consecrated Life
February 2: World Groundhog Day
February 3: World Without Straw Day
February 4: World Cancer Day
February 5 : World Nutella Day
February 6: World Day Against Genital Mutilation
February 6: National Day Against Terrorism and Political Assassination
February 6: World Day for a More Internet on
February 7: World Day Without Mobile Phone
February 8: World Day of prayer and reflection on human trafficking
February 10: World Epilepsy Day
February 11: World Day of Women and Girls in Science
February 11: World Day of the Sick
February 11: European Day of 112
February 12: World Day of Child Soldiers
February 12: World Darwin Day
February 13: World Radio Day
February 14 : World Congenital Heart Disease Awareness Day
February 15: World Childhood Cancer Day
February 15: World Angelman Syndrome Day
February 18: World Canadian Heritage Day
February 18: Global Day of Action for Human Rights strike
February 19: World Whale Day
February 20: World Day of Social Justice
February 20: World Pangolin Day
February 21: World Mother Tongue Day
February 21: World Tour Guide Day
February 22: World Scout Day
February 23: World Day to Save Bears
February 26: Global Day of Action Against Bears ‘Patents Ordinance in India
February 27: World NGO Day
February 27: World Anosmia Day
February 27: World Polar Bear Day
February 28: World Day Without Facebook
February 29: World Rare Disease Day


March 1: World Compliment Day
March 1: World Civil Protection Day
March 3: World Wildlife Day
March 4: World Obesity Day
March 4: World Tennis Day
March 4: World Wildlife Day sexual exploitation
March 6: The yellow day
March 6: World Day of Prayer
March 6: World Radio and Television Day for Children
March 7: Improv Day
March 8: World Women’s Day
March 9: World Kidney Day
March 10: Math Week
March 11: World Plumbing Day
March 11: World Startup Day
March 12: World Hearing Day
March 12: World Day Against Internet Censorship
March 13: World Sleep Day
March 14: World Schizophrenia Day
March 14: Global Day of Action for Rivers
March 14: World Day du Pi
March 15: Global climate strike
March 15: World Consumer Rights Day
March 15: World Day Against Police Violence
March 16: Global Driving Courtesy Week
March 16: Global Cancer Week
March 17: World Social Work Day
March 18: World Recycling Day
March 19: World Canary Day
March 20: World Storytelling Day
March 20: World Francophonie Day
March 20: World No Meat Day
March 20: World Macaron Day
March 20: World Travel Book Day
March 20: World Week for Alternatives to Pesticides
March 20: World Sparrow Day
March 20: World Happiness Day
March 20: World Oral Health Day
March 21: World Office Tidying Day
March 21: World Nowruz Day
March 21: World Down Syndrome Day
March 21 21 March: World Poetry Day
March 21: World Forestry Day
March 21: World Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
March 21: European Early Music Day
March 21: World Puppetry Day
March 22: World Water Day
March 23: World Meteorological Day
March 24: World Day for the End of Fishing
March 24: European Artisanal Ice Cream Day
March 24: World Day for the Right to the Truth
March 24: World Tuberculosis Day
March 25: Tolkien reading day
March 25: World Day for public transport
March 25: World Procrastination Day
March 25: World Day Against Advertising
March 25: European Day of the Unborn Child
March 27: World Theater Day
March 28: World Day against Endometriosis
March 30: World Bipolar Disorder Day
March 31: World Trans Visibility Day
March 31: World Day backing up computer data


April 1: World Joke Day
April 2: World Children’s Book Day
April 2: World Autism Awareness Day
April 4: World Pillow Fight Day
April 4: World Mine Awareness Day and assistance in mine action
April 6: World Day of Sport for Development and Peace
April 7: World Health Day
April 7: World Day of Reflection on the 1994 genocide in Rwanda
April 7: World Day of invisible work
April 8: World Roma Day
April 9: World Unicorn Day
April 10: World Sibling Day
April 11: World Parkinson’s Day
April 12: World Day of Human Space Flight
April 15: World Art Day
April 16: World Day for Administrative Assistants and Secretaries
April 16: Day World Voice
April 16: World Day Against Child Slavery
April 17: Digital Women’s Day
April 17: World Hemophilia Day
April 17: World Day of Peasant Struggles
April 18: World Circus Day
April 18: World Amateur Radio Day
April 18: World Day for Monuments and Sites
April 22: World Earth Day
April 23: World Book and Copyright Day
April 24: Fashion Revolution Day
April 24: World Animal Day in Laboratories
April 25: World Penguin Day
April 25: World Malaria Day
April 25: World Day for Safeguarding the Parental Bond
April 26: World Intellectual Property Day
April 26: National Vintage Vehicle Day
April 28: World Day for Safety and Health at Work
April 29: World Pinhole Photography Day
April 29: World Dance Day
April 30: World Jazz Day
April 30 : World Day for Mobility and Accessibility
April 30: Day of Educational Non-Violence


May 1: World Labor Day
May 2: World Scrapbooking Day
May 2: World Naked Gardening Day
May 3: World Day of Bereaved Mothers
May 3: World Day of Prayer for Vocations
May 3: World Day of the Sun
May 3: World Laughter Day
May 3: World Press Freedom Day
May 4: Star Wars Day
May 4: World Firefighters Day
May 5: World Asthma Day
May 5: African World Heritage Day
May 5: World Day hand hygiene
May 5: World Midwifery Day
May 6: World No Diet Day
May 6: World Coloring Day
May 7: World AIDS Orphans Day
May 8: Day of Remembrance and Reconciliation in honor of the dead of World War II
May 8: World Red Cross Day
May 9: World Fair Trade Day
May 9: Europe Day
May 10: Organ Day
May 10: World Lupus Day
May 10: Commemorative Day for the Abolition of Slavery in Metropolitan France
May 11: National Skin Cancer Screening Week
May 11 : World Endangered Species Day
May 12: World Nurse Day
May 12: World Fibromyalgia Day
May 13: World Engineering Day for the Future
May 14: it’s the anniversary of the assassination of Henri IV
May 15: World Day of Families
May 15: World Celiac Day
May 16: World Day of Living Together
May 16: World Day of Light
May 17: World Day Against Homophobia
May 17: World Day Against Hypertension
May 17: World Telecommunications Day
May 19: World IBD Day
May 20: World Metrology Day
May 20: World Bee Day
May 20: Day European Maritime Commission
May 21: World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development
May 22: World Biodiversity Day
May 23: (National) Sailor’s Day
May 23: World Turtle Day
May 24: World DIY Day
May 24: World Social Communications Day
May 25: World Thyroid Day
May 25: World Missing Children’s Day
May 25 : World Africa Day
May 25: World Geek Day
May 25: World Towel Day
May 27: National Resistance Day
May 28: World Menstrual Hygiene Day
May 28: Global Day of Action for women’s health
May 29: World Peacekeepers Day
May 30: World Drones Day
May 30: World Multiple Sclerosis Day
May 30: World Day for the Right to Origins
May 31: World Game Day
May 31: World No Tobacco Day


June 1: World Orthoptics Day
June 1: World Parents Day
June 1: World Milk Day
June 2: World Day for Responsible and Respectful Tourism
June 3: World Running Day
June 3: World Day for cycling
June 4: World Day of Innocent Child Victims of Aggression
June 5: World Environment Day
June 5: World Donut Day
June 6: World Verneuil Disease Day
June 6: Miniskirt Day
June 7: World Swift Day
June 8: World Oceans Day
June 9: World Wellness Day
June 9: World Archives Day
June 10: World Anti-Counterfeiting Day
June 11: World Foot Health Day
June 11: World Level Crossing Awareness Day
June 12: World NASH Day
June 12: World Day Against Child Labor
June 13: La handicap night
June 13: World Albinism Awareness Day
June 13: World Knitting Day
June 13: World Doll Day
June 14: World Blood Donor Day
June 15: European Wind Energy Day
June 15: World Day Against Elder Abuse
June 16: World Day of the African Child
June 17: World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought
June 18: World Sushi Day
June 19: World Sickle Cell Day
June 19: World Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict
June 20: World Day of refugees
June 20: Record shop day
June 20: World Surfing Day
June 21: World Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Day
June 21: World Yoga Day
June 21: World Slowness Day
June 22: National Day of Reflection on the Gift of organs and transplant
June 23: World Widows Day
June 23: World Olympic Day
June 23: World Civil Service Day
June 24: World Day for Alsace Lovers
June 25: World Vitiligo Day
June 26: World Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking
June 26: United Nations World Day in support of victims of torture
June 27: World Day Against the Abandonment of Pets
June 29: World Day of the Little Prince
June 30: World Asteroid Day


July 1: World Reggae Day
July 1: World White Banner Day Against Poverty
July 2: World UFO Day
July 3: World Day Without Plastic Bags
July 4: World Cooperatives Day
July 4: World Naturism Day
July 6: World Kissing Day
July 9: Day for the Destruction of Small Arms
July 10: World Day of “Women Without Veils”
July 11: World Population Day
July 16: World Snake Day
July 17: World Day of International Justice
July 17: World Emoji Day
July 18: World Nelson Mandela Day
July 19: World Castle Day
July 20: World Chess Day
July 21: World Junk Food Day
July 23: World Dolphin Day
July 26: World Day for the Conservation of the Mangrove Ecosystem
July 26: World Youth Day
July 27: World Fonio Day
July 28: World Hepatitis Day
July 29: World Tiger Day
July 29: National Lipstick Day
July 30: World Friendship Day
July 30: World Day for the Dignity of Victims of Human Trafficking
July 31: World African Women’s Day
July 31: World System Administrator Day


August 1: World Breastfeeding Week
August 1: World Belgian Fries Day
August 3: World Capoeirista Day
August 7: World Beer Day
August 8: World Cat Day
August 9: World Indigenous Peoples Day
August 10: World Lion Day
August 11: World Steel Pan Day
August 12: World Elephant Day
August 12: World Youth Day
August 13: World Left Handers Day
August 15: World Geocaching Day
August 16: World Kite Day
August 17: World Black Cat Day
August 19: World Photography Day
August 19: World Humanitarian Day
August 20: World Mosquito Day
August 21: World Day of Remembrance in Honor of the Victims of Terrorism
August 22: World Day of Remembrance for People Victims of Violence Due to Their Religion or Belief
August 23: World Topless Day
August 23: World Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition
August 26: World Dog Day
August 28: Bow Tie Day
August 29: World Day for the End of Species
August 29: World Day Against nuclear tests
August 30: World Bat Night
August 30: World Day of the Missing Persons
August 31: World Overdose Prevention Day
August 31: World Blog Day


September 1: World Day of Prayer for Creation
September 2: Democracy Day [in Tibet]
September 3: World Skyscraper Day
September 5: World Spinal Cord Injury Day
September 5: World Day of Charity
September 5: Day World Beard
September 6: World Vulture Awareness Day
September 7: World Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
September 7: World Fair Play Day
September 8: World Literacy Day
September 8: World Physiotherapy Day
September 9: World Plush Day
September 9: World Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Awareness Day
September 10: World Suicide Prevention Day
September 11: World Counterterrorism Day
September 12: World First Aid Day
September 12: World Programmers and Developers Day
September 12: United Nations World Day for South Cooperation South
September 13: World Sepsis Day
September 15: World Lymphoma Day
September 15: World Democracy Day
September 15: World Day for Freedom of Education
September 16: European Mobility Week
September 16: Transport Day public
September 16: World Ozone Layer Day
September 16: National Air Quality Day
September 17: World Osteoarthritis Day
September 18: European Sustainable Development Week
September 19: European Psychomotor Day
September 19: World Talk Pirate Day
September 19: World Day free software
September 19: European Heritage Day
September 19: World Cleanup Day
September 20: World University Sports Day
September 20: European Prostate Day
September 21: World Alzheimer’s Day
September 21: European Day of citizens’ transition initiatives
September 21: World Bibliodiversity Day
September 21: World Day of Peace
September 22: World Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Awareness Day
September 22: World Rhino Day
September 22: World Car Free Day
September 23: World Willis-Ekbom Day
September 23: Day bisexuality
September 24: World Day Against Software Patents
September 25: World Pharmacists Day
September 25: World Gastronomy Day
September 26: World Contraception Day
September 26: World Maritime Day September 26: World Deaf Day
September 26: European Day of Languages
September 27: World Day for Migrants and Refugees
September 27: World Tourism Day
September 28: World Abortion Right Day
September 28: World Right to Information Day
September 28: World Rabies Day
September 29: World Heart Day
September 30: World Translation Day


October 1: World Day for Older Persons
October 1: World Vegetarian Day
October 1: World Music Day
October 1: World Coffee Day
October 1: World Chocolate Day
October 1: World Urticaria Day
October 2: Day World of Smiles
October 2: World Day of Nonviolence
October 4: Grandparents Day
October 4: World Animal Day
October 5: World Habitat Day
October 5: World Architecture Day
October 5: World Day of teachers
October 6: World Cerebral Palsy Day
October 7: World Day of Action for Decent Work
October 8: World Sight Day
October 9: World Disability Day
October 9: World Postal Day
October 10: World Day of Solidarity with Native American Peoples
October 10: World Squash Day
October 10: World Palliative Care Day
October 10: World Mental Health Day
October 10: World Day Against the Death Penalty
October 10: World Fragile X Day
October 11: World Coming Out Day
October 11 : World Girls’ Day
October 12: World Arthritis Day
October 12: Columbus Day
October 13: World Day for Natural Disaster Reduction
October 13: World Egg Day
October 13: World Hamburger Day
October 14: World Standardization Day
October 15: World White Cane Day
October 15: World Rural Women’s Day
October 15: World Day of Awareness of Perinatal Bereavement.
October 15: World Day for Conflict Resolution
October 15: World Fossil Day
October 15: World Drug Addiction Day
October 16: World Spine Day
October 16: World Bread Day
October 16: World Day Against Hunger
October 16: World Food Day
October 17: World Organ Donation and Transplant Day
October 17: World Day for Eradication of Poverty
October 18: World Menopause Day
October 18: World Mission Day
October 19: World Pain Day
October 20: World Cooks Day
October 20: World Osteoporosis Day
October 20: World Statistics Day
October 21: World Earthworm Day
October 22: Day World Energy Day
October 22: World Stuttering Day
October 23: World Champagne Day
October 24: United Nations Day
October 24: World Migratory Fish Day
October 24: World Development Information Day
October 24: World Polio Day
October 25: European Day of Justice
October 25: World Day of pasta
October 26: Intersex Visibility Day
October 27: World Day for Audiovisual Heritage
October 27: European Depression Day
October 27: World Occupational Therapy Day
October 28: World Judo Day
October 28: World Cinema Day
October 28: World Day of Creole Language and Culture
October 29: World Stroke Day
October 29: World Psoriasis Day
October 30: World Life Day
October 31: World Savings Day


November 1: World Vegan Day
November 2: World Day to End Impunity for Crimes Against Journalists
November 3: World Day of Kindness
November 4: Common Sense Day
November 5: World Tsunami Awareness Day
November 5: World Day Against Bullying at School
November 5: Annual Parents Day in the Office
November 5: World Romani Language Day
November 6: World Day for the Preservation of the Environment in Wartime
November 6: World Day Without paper
November 7: World Day of the African Writer
November 8: World Radiology Day
November 9: World Trainee Day
November 10: World Science Day for Peace and Development
November 10: World Keratoconus Day
November 10: World Neuroendocrine Tumor Awareness Day
November 11: World Singles Day
November 12: World Quality Day
November 12: World Usability Day
November 12: World Pneumonia Day
November 13: World Vasectomy Day
November 14: World Museum Day
November 14: World Diabetes Day
November 15: World Day of the Poor
November 15: World Writers’ Day in Prison
November 16: World Day for Tolerance
November 16: World Entrepreneur Week
November 17: World Prematurity Day
November 18: European Antibiotic Information Day
November 18: World Day GIS (geographic information systems)
November 19: World Human Day
November 19: World Toilet Day
November 19: Philosophy Day at UNESCO
November 19: World Day for the Prevention of Child Abuse
November 20: World Herpes Day
November 20: World Day for the Rights of the Child
November 20: World Day for the Industrialization of Africa
November 20: World Day against Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
November 20: World Trans Day of Remembrance
November 21: World Television Day
November 21: World Day of Artisanal Fishermen and sea ​​workers
November 21: European Waste Reduction Week
November 22: World Video Game Day
November 23: Social and Solidarity Economy Month
November 24: World Bible Day
November 25: World Anti Foie Gras Day
November 25: World Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
November 26: World Day of Street Children
November 26: World Day of Caregivers
November 27: European Researchers Night
November 28: World No Shopping Day
November 29: World Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People
November 30: World Cities Day for life


December 1: World AIDS Day
December 1: World Generosity Day
December 2: World Day for the Abolition of Slavery
December 2: World Samba Day
December 3: National Independent Cinema Day
December 3 : World Day of Persons with Disabilities
December 4: World Banking Day
December 5: World Equal Opportunities Day
December 5: World Soil Day
December 5: World Volunteer Day
December 5: World Ninja Day
December 7: World Day of Civil Aviation
December 8: World Climate Day
December 8: World Choral Day
December 8: World Day for Children Who Gone Too Early
December 9: World Day for the Prevention of Genocide
December 9: United Nations World Day Against Corruption
December 9: National Day of Secularism
December 10: World Day for Animal Rights
December 10: World Human Rights Day
December 11: World Mountain Day
December 12: World Metal Music Day
December 15: World Esperanto Day
December 15: World Otakus Day
December 15: World Tea Day
December 18: World Day for the Arabic Language
December 18: World Migrants Day
December 20: World Human Solidarity Day
December 20: World Christmas Sweater Day
December 20: World Humanism Day
December 21: World Orgasm Day

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