According to a recent study, women are more attractive to men when they ovulate. How do they perceive this change and how to explain it? We tell you everything.

Every month, women go through the different stages of the menstrual cycle. Their body evolves during each of them, sometimes in a way, a priori, undetectable. According to a recent study, men are more attracted to them during their ovulation period .

If we are to believe the work of researchers, it is because of their odor , which changes during the fertile period, that is to say a few days before and after ovulation. It would be this change of scent that would explain this attraction. To obtain these results, they used 28 female subjects and 57 male subjects. The women were instructed to sleep with pieces of cotton under their arms during their most fertile period, respecting a few rules so as not to transform odors: do not use hormonal contraception, perfume, deodorant, and not to consume alcohol or tobacco. Then they were preserved in the laboratory before being presented to men, who had to determine which smell they preferred.

Their opinions, compared to the participants’ blood tests, determined that it was when women had the lowest levels of progesterone and the highest levels of estradiol that they felt better in the eyes of men. In their report, the researchers explain: “By showing that the attraction of women’s body odor is explained by the levels of female reproductive hormones, but not by the levels of cortisol or testosterone, we show that body odor acts as a valid index of potential fertility”

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