If you’re wondering which zodiac signs match best together, we have the answer for you here. The love of THESE zodiac signs has a particularly good chance of success!

The right man should be here, but how do you find him? Fortunately, there is help from the heavenly side: Because our zodiac sign can provide information about who our Mr. Right is.

According to astrology, every person with a certain zodiac sign has special character traits that more or less match other signs.

So there are dream teams and zodiac signs that should better avoid each other when it comes to love. But which zodiac signs now fit together?

The human character is very diverse and each of us ticks a little bit differently. Nevertheless, many character traits can be recognized that are very typical properties of our zodiac sign.

So let’s see which signs of the zodiac go together particularly well in terms of character.

Which zodiac signs go together?

From Capricorn to Sagittarius: Here you can find out which signs of the zodiac go together and why some signs of the zodiac are made for each other.

Which zodiac sign match Capricorn?

These zodiac signs fit best:

Scorpio, Virgo, Taurus, Pisces, Capricorn

This is why it fits so well:

Reality and a down-to-earth attitude are the characteristics of the Capricorn woman. At first glance she seems aloof, but at heart she’s still rather shy.

With his empathy, the Scorpio has a good chance of overcoming the shyness of the Capricorn lady.

Virgo gentlemen impress Capricorn ladies with their objectivity. A Taurus looks intimidating at first, but lures the shy Capricorn out of the reserve.

Also opposites attract each known: such a imaginative forms fish -Mann a good counterpoint to the realistic Capricorn woman.

And: two ibexes are a dream team because they support each other in their down-to-earth attitude.

Which zodiac sign match Aquarius?

These zodiac signs fit best:

Libra, Gemini, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces

This is why it fits so well:

An Aquarian woman loves her individualism, her lust for life and new challenges. The man has to be able to keep up.

Libra man and an Aquarius woman make a perfect couple because they want to put their crazy ideas into practice with no ifs or buts.

She also swims on the same wavelength as a Gemini man. Aquarius women can live out their optimism and spontaneity with a Sagittarius.

But a like-minded Aquarius or Pisces Lord is also good for her.

Which zodiac sign match Pisces?

These zodiac signs fit best:

Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Taurus

This is why it fits so well:

Fish women are often dreamy and their weaknesses lie in their insecurity and shyness. They need a strong shoulder to lean on (and howl) and a partner who understands their emotions.

Cancer man or a Scorpio are a very good fit because they are very emotional and have a lot of empathy.

Capricorns are initially a tough nut to crack, and Pisces women first have to overcome their weaknesses and muster up self-confidence. However, as soon as the love blooms between the two, the Capricorn gives the Pisces a lot of security.

The Pisces lady also has to muster a lot of self-confidence with the strong Taurus , but it gives her the necessary security in a relationship.

Which zodiac sign match Aries?

These zodiac signs fit best:

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

This is why it fits so well:

The Aries lady has a strong personality. Passion and freedom is their motto. For them, a boring or couch potato is out of the question.

You need a confident and strong partner who is just as fiery. An Aries man who has the same needs fits in very well. There are quarrels, but as soon as both horns off, things are harmonious. Sparks fly

with Leo, too , as both are very passionate.

Sagittarius keeps the Aries lady on her toes because he always surprises her with his wealth of ideas. Nothing becomes common here.

Which zodiac sign match Taurus?

These zodiac signs fit best:

Cancer, Capricorn, Virgo, Taurus

This is why it fits so well:

The Taurus lady exudes femininity and stubbornness. She is happy to be conquered and the right man has to be patient.

fish -Mr might have good cards here because it is a quiet and calm connoisseurs to be bored without the Taurus woman. The Cancer man is a bit capricious, but also offers the Taurus the necessary down-to-earth attitude. Things are fiery

with the Capricorn and the Virgo -Gentleman is a great addition. If it is a little erratic, he makes up for it. It never gets boring with a Taurus mating, but you should be careful about jealousy.

Which zodiac sign match Gemini?

These zodiac signs fit best:

Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Libra

This is why it fits so well:

Twins are said to have two souls in their chests. This is also reflected in their character. They are flighty, intelligent and always want to be up front with their noses. Here the right man needs staying power and a lot of enthusiasm for the freedom-loving twin lady.

A “perfect match” arises with an Aquarius. Both swim on the same wavelength, as he offers the Gemini woman a lot of affection and freedom.

The Aries is always ready to support the ideas of his twin lady with a lot of devotion.

Two twins toomake a beautiful couple, the two of them experience a lot of action together, but also have to be careful that they don’t grow apart in their love of freedom, but enjoy life together.

The scale also brings balance to life of the twins.

Which zodiac sign match Cancer?

These zodiac signs fit best:

Scorpio, Pisces, Virgo, Taurus, Leo, Cancer

This is why it fits so well:

The Cancer lady is romantic and very emotional. She is an absolute family person and is gladly needed. She forms a dream couple with Scorpio men, as both are very emotional.

Dreamy Fish -Mr are warm and and bring back to the floor of the facts like the cancer-Dame.

With Virgo men, Cancer women share domesticity and a love of order.

The Taurus is a great addition, he is the strong character and complements the delicate Cancer lady. The lion has cancer, a shoulder to lean on.

Two Cancers are a great and emotional combination.

Which zodiac sign match Leo?

These zodiac signs fit best:

Sagittarius, Libra, Gemini

This is why it fits so well:

A lioness likes to be in the limelight and thus exerts a great attraction on many men. She likes to be the center of attention and fights for her success. The partner should also be strong and not overly emotional. Sparks fly

with a Sagittarius because he likes to lure the lioness out of her reserve.

Libra gentleman is also a good choice as he ensnares the Leo lady and shares her penchant for beautiful things. The lioness always finds an open ear with a Gemini man.

Which zodiac sign match Virgo?

These zodiac signs fit best:

Cancer, Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio

This is why it fits so well:

Virgos want to score with their inner values ​​and quickly appear aloof. They have great stamina, are economical and orderly.

Cancer Lord is a perfect match for them , as both love order and are family people.

Capricorns share the Virgo lady’s penchant for frugality and discipline.

A Virgo can also be infected by the courage of a Taurus man.

The moody Scorpio is a nice counterpart to the down-to-earth Virgo .

Which zodiac sign match Libra?

These zodiac signs fit best:

Aquarius, Libra, Leo, Sagittarius

This is why it fits so well:

Libra ladies are elegant and full of attraction. They wrap many men around their little fingers. The right man must therefore be able to withstand competition. A Libra woman is in need of harmony, but also has high demands on her partner.

Suitable for Libra is an Aquarius. It offers her luxury, adventure and spiritual highs.

Two Libra enjoy life together and have to be careful not to get lost in their own little world.

The Leo impresses a Libra woman again and again and a Sagittarius ensnares her like no other.

Which zodiac sign match Scorpio?

These zodiac signs fit best:

Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio

This is why it fits so well:

Thoughtful and emotional, these are the character traits of the Scorpio Lady. She loves to play games, but woe to jealousy, it can get pretty toxic. But the right one tickles out her loving side.

A suitable counterpart is the emotional and loving Cancer.

With his loyalty, the Scorpio lady has no jealousy to fear. Pisces men also balance out the emotional fluctuations of the Scorpio with their down-to-earth manner and show patience. There is friction

with other scorpions, but the reconciliation is all the more beautiful.

Which zodiac sign match Sagittarius?

These zodiac signs fit best:

Aries, Libra, Leo

This is why it fits so well:

The Sagittarius lady is a real cheerful person. She is a woman you can steal horses with. When looking for an honest man, she puts machos in their place.

With an Aries man the air literally crackles. Sagittarius women are fascinated by his funny sayings and the cheeky streak.

Libra is a nice addition, as it will also put you in your place when she gets too cocky.

lion, on the other hand, is great fun and adventure. Here horse stealing may even be put into practice.

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