The reputation of being complicated and idiosyncratic precedes the dear scorpions. So not easy to deal with. There is a real gold piece behind the apparently poisonous behavior. You are also between the 23.10. and 21.11. born? Then read on and find out if you are a true representative of your zodiac sign.

Even if you may not believe in horoscopes, you cannot completely avoid an astro topic: namely the characteristics of the zodiac signs. Because somehow a damn lot fits there every time.

Do you still have doubts? Then read on here. Because some of these ten things should sound familiar to every Scorpio:

Typical Scorpio: 1. Faithful soul

As a Scorpio, you have a hard time in love. Often you are in your own way. You demand absolute loyalty from your partner . You hardly ever forgive a breach of trust. No wonder that Scorpio tends to be jealous and always remains a little suspicious of what makes him so happy and makes you happy, really has no catch…

Typical Scorpio: 2. Great love

As prickly as you pretend to be at first, so tender you are deep inside. In love there are no half measures with you. Only the one great love in which you firmly believe and for which you give everything.

Typical scorpion: 3. Little fox

You don’t miss a thing. You are bright and want to get to the bottom of things. So there is hardly anything that can be hidden from you.

Typical Scorpio: 4th Madame

You have a good one Self-confidence. If you want to scratch your ego, you have to get up earlier. And if you want to smear honey around your beard, especially. If you think your opinion is the right one, then you don’t let yourself be spoken to either. Righteousness is that supposed to be? Pah, what nonsense !!

Typical Scorpio: 5. The best friend ever

Nevertheless, as in every typical Scorpio, you have a big heart. You have a keen sense of justice and would free a friend from any tricky situation – come what may.

Typical Scorpio: 6. Wild and determined

You are a little fighter. You purposefully pursue your goals and are full of passion and zeal in them. The challenge is your best friend. As a small, poisonous scorpion, you are also extremely aggressive. And whoever has messed up with you once has to tear himself off ten feet for you to forgive him. Your irreconcilability in conflict should be legendary.

Typical Scorpio: 7. Busy bee

When it comes to your job, you’re a hardworking bee. Your bright head and your thirst for knowledge will benefit you. The only problem: Please let yourself do your work in peace. Everything else annoys you – and whoever wants to stress or remodel you will bite your granite anyway.

Typical Scorpio: 8. Passionate & impulsive

Be authentic, feel intensely, argue, act. That’s you. For your conviction, you like to run against the wall, if you have to. Get up, carry on. There are no compromises for you.

Typical Scorpio: 9. Strong will

… or should we better say: little stubborn head? Counter-arguments or even resistance do not mean for you that you have to deviate from your path by even a millimeter. All or nothing! Don’t be half-hearted! That’s your motto.

Typical Scorpio: 10. Pure secrecy

A big, fat plus that your friends and those around you appreciate very much: You can be silent. And that is really worth gold.

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