Successful make-up is based on the right choice of color, texture and product. Find out here how you can conjure up perfect make-up for your tanned complexion step by step.

Tanned and dark skin types bring out their fascinating complexion best with a harmonious and natural make-up. The secret lies in revealing the skin’s natural luminosity and emphasizing the well-groomed radiance of a healthy, golden-brown complexion.Tanned and dark skin types bring their fascinating complexion best with a harmonious and natural make-up . The secret is to reveal the skin’s natural luminosity and emphasize the well-groomed radiance of a healthy, golden-brown complexion.

Dark skin make-up: the choice of foundation

Finding the right foundation is the basic requirement for successful make-up.

The product should completely blend in with the color of your face and shouldn’t attract attention! You should therefore choose a foundation that corresponds exactly to the color of your skin or is a maximum of half a shade lighter so that your face does not look like a mask.

Foundation experts can also combine two shades (light & dark): First, the lighter foundation is applied to the middle parts of the face and then the darker foundation is applied to the rest of the face.

For a particularly alert and vital complexion, you can play with sun powder, orange or peach effects. Result: a glowing peach skin. These colors suit almost all tanned and dark skin types.For someone who is particularly alert and vital complexion can be played with sun powder, orange or peach effects. Result: a glowing peach skin. These colors suit almost all tanned and dark skin types.

Applying make-up to dark skin: the right technique in 3 steps

The complexion is the basis for make-up. It should be smooth and velvety. We’ll show you how to conjure up a radiant complexion on dark skin in 3 steps:

1st step: conceal dark circles

You have to know this beauty secret! It’s not just about hiding the dark circles: the cover product also helps to hide small imperfections or reddened skin.

The technique:
 apply the concealer in dots to the dark circles and the T-zone for an optimal covering effect and then work the texture in well with your fingers until the product has completely merged with the skin color.

Step 2: The Foundation

The primer creates a uniform appearance and lets the face shine flawlessly.

The technique:
Dab some liquid foundation on the middle areas of the face and spread the texture with your fingers from the inside out. The result must appear uniform and transparent so that a natural look is achieved.

Step 3: Blush for the cheeks

As a finish, a touch of blush is added to give the complexion a fresh note and make it shine optimally.

The technique: Use a large brush to powder the blush onto the upper cheek parts. Ideally, the blush should be applied where the cheeks form a slight curve when smiling. The contours can be worked out even better if a lighter powder is applied over the cheekbones and a slightly darker powder underneath.

The color choice

The dark or tanned complexion is best accentuated with harmonious color nuances that flatter the face. A large selection of color options makes this possible.

The right foundation tone

Opt for a beige shade with reflective luminous pigments in warm (peach) tones to give the skin a healthy glow. Alternatively, there is also a gold-colored shade that brightens the face.

Avoid: Foundation in yellowish or too dark colors.

The blush color

A particularly lively complexion is created by tiny gold particles that gently glitter on dark skin. Beige provides sunny luminosity, silky-soft nuances in warm rose and rosewood are suitable for a romantic finish, while light pink reflects the light and sets the complexion extravagantly in the limelight.

The glam effect

For a particularly elegant complexion, a fine glitter powder is spread over the entire face with a large brush . Result: a noble iridescent complexion and a radiant make-up!

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