Rocking, singing, cuddling, wearing in a sling … forget everything you know about the art and how to put a baby to sleep!

This young Australian dad probably had no idea of ​​the buzz he was going to cause by posting his video on youtube… It must be said that when you are tired, hang around, at your end of the line … and try everything to fall asleep or go back to sleep baby, all ideas are welcome. And that of this daddy is rather original… and quite harmless, don’t worry!

He applies a handkerchief to his baby’s face, always at the same rate, in the same direction… hypnotic effect guaranteed! In less than a minute, the little one is asleep. Too strong !

And to see the comments, Internet users in need of sleep seem keenly interested in this new method, however amazing it may be … Some have even tested it successfully as they say.

Image source: DR

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