Who’s the nurse, the flight attendant or the babysitter most fantasize about? Here is the list of the most attractive professions.

According to a survey, certain jobs arouse more desire in men than others… Supporting the received ideas in matters of fantasies, this survey reveals that secretaries are for 36% of men the more attractive . The explanation put forward for such an interest? The work clothes of these women, often dressed to the nines, wearing in the male imagination, mini-skirts , high heels and necklines… But if men fantasize so much about this profession, it is also for the tasks it involves. Organizing meetings, responding to each request made by their superior, willingness to meet expectations… this dominant / dominated pattern seems to appeal to many men, ignoring the highly retrograde aspect that this fantasy entails.

On the second step of the podium? Businesswomen, who appeal to 29% of men. We note in this fantasy an inversion of the dominant / dominated relationship, this time with the woman perceived as an object of power, of superiority. The careerist, femme fatale, ready to crush her neighbor to succeed, still arouses a lot of desire among men!

Nurses are also still very much in the Top 3 of the professions that make you fantasize. For 21% of men, the white coat has no equal when it comes to arousing the senses … Maternity, caring, gentle, and highly sexy, the nurse is always seen as the height of fantasy.

Other service professions complete the list of the sexiest professions: babysitters (5.8%), waitresses (5.7%), and accountants (2.2%). Two major female profiles emerge from these results: men fantasize about maternal women, whose job is to take care of others (nurses, babysitters) or on those, in the more austere image, that they would like to be able to run wild at will (businesswomen, accountants).

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