As a scorching heat wave hits you in summer, any advice is good for cooling off. And contrary to popular belief, taking a shower that is too cold is absolutely not recommended!

When the weather is hot, we all have the reflex to cool off by taking a good cold shower. But as surprising as it sounds, it’s not really a good idea. Indeed, it would have a counterproductive effect if the temperature difference turns out to be too great. If the cold initially causes a very pleasant cooling sensation, care must be taken not to cause a thermal shock. By spraying very cold water on your very hot body, it will naturally fight against the cold and, you may even be even hotter when you get out of the shower than before.

The best solution is therefore to take a lukewarm shower and gradually lower the temperature, if you are not used to it. It is best to wait for your body temperature to drop a little by putting yourself in the shade and / or in the air, then showering afterwards. To cool off at work, for example, the use of a mist sprayer is strongly recommended because the evaporation of water causes a feeling of freshness.

Don’t forget to quench your thirst

To resist the heat wave, it is necessary to hydrate well. And for this you need to drink plenty of water, at least 1.5 liters per day. But should you drink hot or cold? Drinking a drink that is too cold to cool off is not the right solution, as it may cause a thermal shock with the temperature of your organs. However, of course, you are not necessarily told to drink at body temperature!

Ideally, it is a lukewarm drink , between 12 and 14 degrees, that it would be recommended to drink to limit the yoyo effects of our body which seeks to regulate its internal thermostat. Drink hot is not recommended either because the body temperature will increase and therefore produce sweating. The body draws on energy reserves to regulate its temperature, the sweating process accelerates, sweat increases excessively and the risk of dehydration is therefore greater. However, sweat is a natural phenomenon of the body, and allows the skin to cool off by regulating itself. The Tuaregs in the desert drink tea so that their sweat “refreshes” them!

So beware of excessively large thermal differences, however, a cool shower is better than overheating, that goes without saying! Also, don’t hesitate to refresh your feet, hands or forearms if you can’t shower right away! With all these tips, heatwave has no more secrets for you!

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