The solid shampoo is a greener, more durable product, which also has the promise of cleaning the hair as well as a classic shampoo. But how to use solid shampoo correctly? We tell you everything.

Natural cosmetics are more popular than ever. All those who have taken a liking to it have already noticed that beauty products containing ingredients of natural origin do our skin a lot of good. And when it comes to hair, the situation is the same.

Certified natural cosmetics have many advantages: the products do not contain harmful ingredients such as microplastics, and therefore, they care for the skin in a particularly gentle way.

Many brands of natural cosmetics can also score points in terms of sustainability and offer smart packaging options to reduce plastic consumption in our bathrooms. The latest trend in plastic-free beauty? The solid shampoo.

Unlike “classic” shampoo, solid shampoo does not need a plastic bottle. Are you wondering if a strong shampoo can really make our hair so clean and shiny? We tell you everything!

How does solid shampoo work?

At first glance, solid shampoo looks like regular bar soap. But this plastic-free shampoo alternative has little in common with soap. Solid shampoo has a neutral pH and has the same ingredients and properties as liquid shampoo that is found “in a bottle”. Solid shampoo is dehydrated during production. It is used as the liquid shampoo. It can be applied either on a wet hand, passing the solid shampoo several times between our hands so as to have enough foam to wash all the hair; either directly on wet hair, by taking the bread and passing it over our hair to deposit the mousse directly on the head. Whatever the method, all you have to do is massage your hair, as usual, then rinse!

A good solid shampoo doesn’t make any difference to a liquid shampoo. The hair should be cleansed thoroughly and remain flexible.

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