Because there is nothing nicer than a little warmth in cold weather, we decided to tell you everything about wool: our best friend in cold weather! And in particular we will answer the question that you are necessarily asking yourself: wool, how do you wash it so as not to end up with child-sized clothes? We’re nice, we’ll reveal it to you.

You have a couple of woolen sweaters in your closet, right? We understand you so well … Wool is THE thick, comfortable and solid fabric, it is a must-have to have in your wardrobe in cold weather. When we say “wool”, we do not only think of sheep’s wool but of other kinds of wool designated by the name of the animals from which they come: the “mohair” wool which comes from the mohair rabbit, the angora which comes from the Angora rabbit or the so-called cashmere goat , the llama, the alpaca … Finally, whatever wool is used in your clothes, how do you wash it without shrinking? Zoom on the tips and tricks to maintain wool and keep it beautiful for a long time.

How to wash wool without it shrinking?

Wool and washing often go hand in hand if you don’t respect the label of the garment in question … So if you don’t want to end up with a size 8-year sweater, read its label (and do well as it says … ). Can we machine wash wool? How to wash a woolen sweater? Can we wring out the wool? Our answers …
Sheep wool : often thick, you can afford a machine wash but at 30 ° C and in delicate mode. Phew, your woolen sweater, no need to hand wash it in the sink. The ideal is to put the garment in a pillowcase or a net. Wash alone the first time because there is a risk that it will rub off. The best is to buy laundry special wool and add a fabric softener that will make it shiny and silky. Remember to dry your piece on a hanger to avoid deforming it. Wool does not wash often, otherwise it will deteriorate quickly.
The so-called fragile wools: angora, cashmere , mohair … There, no machine washing possible: they are washed by hand and cold. The clothes wool to dry flat. Remember to wring it out, wool too filled with water can deform or even stretch …
Tip for wringing out the wool : after washing it , put your wool in a pillowcase and place it in the drum of your washing machine. A gentle spin will remove as much water as possible! Turn the garment over and put a damp cloth on it so as not to burn the wool fibers.

How to take care of the wool?

Wool is a very fragile material. Its maintenance deserves some special attention, treat the wool as you would with your sexy lingerie : with delicacy.
Sheep wool is quite strong and just needs to be washed carefully so as not to warp it. Always wash wool at low temperature. Looking at the label of your garment is still the best solution.
Cashmere: the first rule is to remove it gently. Do not pull on collars or seams. Cashmere pilling, even the excellent quality. It is therefore sufficient to remove the pills by hand from the first appearance. You can also use a special soft brush, but always brush very gently in the direction of the mesh, from top to bottom.
Mohair and angora : before wearing your sweater and after washing it, put it in a plastic bag and put it in your fridge for 1 to 2 hours or in the freezer for 1 hour max. Take it out 1 / 2h before wearing it.

Wool, why do we love it? Very good thermal insulator, wool keeps us warm by trapping nearly 80% of air in its own weight. It easily absorbs moisture and remains relatively stretchable. Wool does not only protect our little person, glass wool is one of the best insulators for your home.

The wool that does not itch: For newborns, there are very soft wools that do not itch and take care of their sensitive skin. Phildar is a good example.

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