Because you fear seeing loved ones in these times of epidemic, because you need to find yourself, or because you have no choice: you will be celebrating Christmas alone this year. How to make this evening alone  a unique moment?

At the time of writing this article, sanitary rules allow each bubble to invite a person into the family home for the holiday season. While some Belgians will find it a good excuse to escape the family reunions they hate, others will experience it as a great moment of solitude. However, everything is often a question of point of view.

Reinvent yourself

Spending Christmas alone offers the opportunity to recharge your batteries. No trips, no big table to set, you can do everything at your own pace: and why not wish your neighbors a Merry Christmas on your doorstep, for once? This Christmas 2020 asks everyone to reinvent themselves: whether in the kitchen, to have fun even alone, or in the search for gifts, which will have to be placed elsewhere than under the common tree.

Organize an outing at the end of the afternoon

Do you live a few kilometers away from some of your family or close friends? Take a walk at dusk, respecting social distancing. If you have the chance, don’t hold back. Starting the evening with a family walk will allow you to spend the rest of your evening with a heart filled with happiness. It is also an opportunity to see the Christmas lights in town centers or to admire those installed by the inhabitants of your village. Magic moment guaranteed. Don’t forget your fluorescent clothes for safe walking.

Maintain the link

You don’t want to be in close contact with your loved ones on Christmas Eve? Do your relatives live in another country? Keep in touch with video calls. Prepare yourself a good aperitif, install a pretty candle, order a meal in your favorite neighborhood restaurant and organize a video call with your dear ones. This will allow you to toast and chat, without risk.

Pamper yourself

Just because you’re spending Christmas alone doesn’t mean you shouldn’t treat yourself. After your family walk, take a good bath or a hot shower, make yourself comfortable by opting for a casual outfit that will keep you warm. Help yourself to a generous meal tray (to avoid going back to the kitchen), from starter to dessert, including drinks. Eat it all in front of Christmas movies, a documentary, a series or a movie that you love. Best of all, give yourself a gift! Something you really want. This gift should not be worth a fortune, but please you: a box of pralines, a scarf, a good book …

How to react if loved one refuses an invitation

People who spend Christmas alone should not repeat to themselves that December 24 will be a failure. It is obviously a complicated choice to make, but necessary for the health of all of us. For its part, the family will have to show understanding when faced with the decision of the relative not to participate in the party. No need to add stress, guilt and pressure at this difficult time. Has one of your loved ones decided to celebrate Christmas alone? Don’t forget it though! Visit her on her doorstep at the start of the evening, offer her a souvenir photo album, bake her cookies… All these little gestures will have a special flavor in this difficult year.

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