Have you completely fallen under the spell of a man and you do not know how to go about seducing him? What if you were interested in his zodiac sign to find out a little more about what attracts him?

Do you believe in astrology? Let yourself be guided by the stars to seduce the man you like so much. Follow these few tips that will help you better understand him, while keeping one thing in mind: to seduce him, nothing like being yourself!

How to seduce aries men

The Aries man works love at first sight. When he sets his sights on a person, nothing can stop him. Instantly, he works out a thousand and one projects with her and loves her in all sincerity. But her passion can disappear as quickly as it came. And beware of anyone who dares to abandon or betray him: very stubborn, he will not lose heart and will not make the effort to forgive him.

If you want to seduce a man belonging to the sign of Aries, don’t beat around the bush: he hates being made to wait. Get straight to the point and don’t use back door messages, he won’t understand your signals. With him, expect to live at full speed because he does not see his existence other than exciting: he loves adrenaline and feeling alive. He will tend to decide for you, to impose his tastes and whims on you. If you want to confront him, you will therefore have to do it in all subtlety and avoid a too direct and abrupt confrontation.

How to seduce taurus men

Love is a big part of the Taurus man’s life, but he’s also very pragmatic and down-to-earth – he wants things to happen quickly. When he loves a person, he gives himself body and soul to fill them with happiness. While he loved flitting around in his youth, he dreams of starting a family and cherishing it for the rest of his life. He goes to great lengths to overcome obstacles and does not hesitate to question himself for the well-being of others.

The Taurus is looking for a woman who will love him back with just as much sincerity and who will be faithful to him. To seduce him, don’t play the “easy girl”. Be honest, natural, spontaneous and show her that you are ready to commit. Also, avoid telling him about your exes at all costs.

How to seduce gemini men

The Gemini man is free: he likes to have fun and discover new things. In terms of seduction, he saw things with carefree attitude. He lets himself be carried away until love falls on him. Not very stable, it will find its balance with a person who knows what she wants and where she is going in life.

Very curious, he will be attracted to a mysterious person. If you want to seduce him, do not reveal too much from the start: answer his questions briefly and laconically, give him an enigmatic look or smile, flirt in a detached manner without being cold … He will certainly be tempted. to know more about your personality. Very cerebral, he can not help but intellectualize his relationships and especially likes that we play with his mind. He is also attracted to bubbly and happy people.

How to seduce cancer men

Romantic, sensitive, and even a little shy, the Cancer man is not an ace of seduction. And yet, it appeals to women very much. And for good reason: he understands them better than anyone!

If you want to seduce a man belonging to the sign of Cancer, take the first step. Don’t be put off if he makes you feel like you’re not interested: he may just be too reserved to offer you a date. Therefore, it’s up to you to take the lead: invite him yourself to a restaurant, to the movies or to go for a drink.

How to seduce leo men

The Leo needs to shine in the eyes of others and to be admired. He therefore seeks to have on his arm a partner so beautiful, elegant and talented that he will be envious. While it might sound superficial, the Leo is actually ready to lift mountains for his beloved.

To seduce him, be radiant, classy and elegant. He is drawn to all that glitters, all that is rare and luxurious. Show him that you have ambition and don’t hesitate to amaze him with your talents, whatever they are.

How to seduce virgo men

Virgo is both wary and very demanding. On the one hand, he is very selective and does not settle for just anything, and on the other, he is governed by the fear of being cheated, betrayed, abandoned. It’s very simple: he seeks perfection in the other. In addition, he is very attached to morality and a sense of duty.

If you want to seduce him, don’t ask him too many intimate questions. These tend to make him uncomfortable. Show yourself modest, reassuring and calming. Avoid being exuberant or being noticed at all costs: he hates that.

How to seduce libra men

Libra has a charm that is hard to resist. For his part, he easily falls in love and does not really know what his preferences are. He is sure of one thing, however: he likes to be loved. Moreover, he is a conciliatory, diplomatic and intelligent man, capable of making concessions.

To seduce him, be very sensual, joyful, a little mysterious and inaccessible… In short, give him something to dream about. He also likes to be flattered and titillated. Above all, do not come into conflict with him: he is looking for a loving and caring person who will ensure a harmonious and balanced relationship.

How to seduce scorpio men

The passion of Scorpio is not easy: he loves tears, confrontations, cries and tears followed by reconciliations. He likes to know that he is everything for the other. With him, expect quite intense emotional lifts: he will make you experience moments of extreme happiness, but he will also be able to plunge you into deep despair.

To seduce him, make him fantasize: be sensual, mysterious and intelligent. Play the game of “run away from me, I follow you; follow me, I run away from you ”, he loves it! Be careful, however, do not let him know that there are other men in your life: jealous and possessive, he is attracted to “pure” women who devote themselves to him.

How to seduce sagitarrius men

Sagittarius can be either conformist and respectful of conventions or adventurer and playful. But when in love, Sagittarius is deeply involved in the relationship. He builds his life around the other. He aspires to perfection.

To seduce him, share your intelligence with him and show him that you are easy-going: he hates problems. Bring him that little “extra” that he lacks in his daily life: make his life sweeter, make him live new adventures, teach him things … In short, amaze him. And above all, be open-minded!

How to seduce capricorn men

In love, Capricorn is modest, lonely and suspicious: he is afraid of being betrayed and abandoned. So he always weighs the pros and cons to make sure he isn’t wrong. Hence, he may seem unreachable and judgmental. But once he chooses you and decides to put his trust in you, he doesn’t go back.

Capricorns often have trouble expressing their feelings. To seduce him, you will have to be sure of yourself and take the lead. Be simple, natural and reassure him, he needs to know that he can count on you.

How to seduce aquarius men

Aquarius is very attached to their freedom. Consequently, he is more often a follower of short-lived relationships or common-law unions. If one day he decides to get into a relationship, it will be with someone as independent as him.

If you want to seduce him for one night, show yourself to be mysterious and inaccessible. If you are considering a serious relationship instead, play the friendship card: be cheerful, complicit, intelligent, funny and independent. In any case, respect their need for freedom and don’t put too much pressure on them. You might scare him away.

How to seduce pisces men

The man belonging to the astrological sign of Pisces is charming, attractive, infinitely sentimental, tender and sensual. He is also a very caring being who does not hesitate to bend over backwards to please others.

He loves mysterious women who will know how to arouse strong emotions in him. To seduce him, take an interest in him while charming him with little looks, smiles and tender gestures.

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