Make-up stains on clothing are annoying and sometimes extremely persistent. We’ll show you the best home remedies to remove lipstick and other stains from your clothes easily.

Almost everyone knows it: Freshly made up, quickly put your shirt on head dragged and makeup edges stuck to clothing. Whether foundation , mascara, lipstick or blush – cosmetics often leave stains on clothing that not only look unattractive on white and light textiles, but are also quite stubborn.

But that doesn’t mean that you have to resort to aggressive chemical clubs when treating stains. There are a few Tips, Methods and home remedies that can remove make-up stains from clothing – all without washing. Find out more here.

Act quickly with makeup stains

The problem with make-up stains is that make-up usually consists of a mix of oils or waxes and color pigments that penetrate deep into the textile fibers and get stuck in them. As a result, the dirt is often difficult to remove. Foundations and liquid concealers are particularly stubborn.

So that the oils and pigments cannot spread, it is important to act as quickly as possible. First you should carefully dab the stain with a clean, absorbent cloth. In no case should you rub, because this will only work the stain deeper into the fabric.

Removing Makeup Stains: These Are The Most Effective Home Remedies

There are some tried and tested home remedies that can help remove makeup stains from clothing. Which home remedy is the right one for treating stains depends on the type of stain or make-up (e.g. lipstick, mascara, foundation).

On the other hand, the type of soiled textile is decisive. You should be particularly careful with sensitive fabrics such as wool or silk and rather give the garment to a professional dry cleaner.

Important: Before using home remedies, they should always be tested on a small, inconspicuous area of ​​the garment in order to avoid damage. In addition, the following applies: Always apply home remedies and stain removers before the garment ends up in the washing machine. Otherwise the stains will stick to the fabric and will be difficult to remove.

What helps with foundation stains on clothing?

Foundation, concealer and liquid make-up usually contain mineral oils, fats and pigments, which makes them particularly easy to distribute on the skin. But oils and fats are anything but good for textiles. Not only do they leave unattractive stains, but they also get stuck in the fabric particularly strongly and deeply.

Since oil cannot be dissolved with water, there is unfortunately no point in soaking the soiled clothing in water. Better: treat foundation stains with baking soda or shaving foam.

Home remedy # 1: baking soda

Baking soda binds fats and is therefore particularly suitable for removing foundation and concealer stains from clothing. Incidentally, baby powder and cornstarch also have the same effect .

Here’s how it works : Put a tablespoon of baking powder on the previously moistened stain and rub it in gently (e.g. with a soft brush) until it foams a little. Let the whole thing work for about an hour and then wash the textile in the washing machine as usual.

This home remedy is particularly suitable for light and white textiles made of cotton, wool, linen and synthetic fabrics.

Home remedy # 2: shaving cream

Another home remedy for oily make-up stains such as concealer or foundation is shaving foam. Simply put a little shaving foam on the previously moistened stain, massage it into the fabric and let it work for about ten minutes. Then rinse the foam out with cold water.

By the way: loose powder, blush and even eye shadow can be removed from clothing much easier than liquid make-up. If powder has landed on the textile: Do not try to wipe off powder with water or a cloth. This is because the make-up is rubbed deeper into the tissue. Better: simply blow away loose powder with a hairdryer and shake out the textile. Then you can stroke the stain with old nylon tights. It absorbs the color pigments.

What helps with make-up stains on linen, cotton and viscose clothing?

A facial toner containing alcohol (important!) Can work wonders against make-up stains on light-colored linen, cotton or viscose clothing. To do this, put a few drops on the stain, rub in briefly and, after about five minutes, wash off thoroughly with clear water.

What helps with lipstick stains on clothing?

Lipstick is also usually made on an oil or wax basis. In order to loosen the stains on clothing, it is therefore important to use degreasing detergents.

Home remedy # 1: bread

Lipstick stains on clothing can be tackled with bread, for example. Yes, you heard right. Bread is a good home remedy for combating stains, especially when it has to be done quickly, because bread removes the color from the stain, which means that it does not disappear completely, but becomes significantly lighter. This works particularly well with dark clothing made of cotton or linen.

Use: Take a slice of bread or toast and rub it over the stain on your clothes. Then you lather the dirty textile with plenty of gall soap, then rinse everything well with water. If there is time and if the garment is not needed, you should also put it in the washing machine with the appropriate washing instructions.

Home remedy # 2: hairspray

You can also use hairspray to combat lipstick stains on clothing. Hairspray contains alcohol, which in turn is a good solvent.

Before you start, you should first carefully scrape the lipstick off the fabric with a spoon. Then spray the dirt with plenty of hairspray. The whole thing should now work for ten minutes before you rub the stain with a soft brush, e.g. an old toothbrush, until it is gone.

If you can still see a slight residue of lipstick after use, you can put the garment in the washing machine or put some detergent on the stain.

Let the detergent work for another ten minutes. Then press kitchen paper or a clean rag firmly onto the stain to soak up the remaining color of the product from the fabric. Finally, wash the textile thoroughly with water.

Tip: Rubbing alcohol also works in a similar way to hairspray: Apply diluted alcohol to the stain with a cotton ball (do not rub, as this could damage the fabric) to loosen color particles. Then rinse the contaminated area thoroughly with water and pat dry with a soft cloth.

What helps with mascara stains on clothing?

Unlike foundation or lipstick stains, which you have to act as quickly as possible, you should leave your fingers off of mascara stains on clothing and wait until they have completely dried and set. This will prevent the black spots from spreading on the textile. You can then scrape off the dried make-up particles with a spoon.

Home remedy # 1: gall soap

After you have scraped off the mascara residues from the textile, you can treat the remaining stains with gall soap (alternatively pre-wash spray). To do this, put gall soap on the previously moistened stain and let it work for about 15 minutes. Then wash clothes in the washing machine as usual.

If this doesn’t help, you can also use a special stain remover from the drugstore to treat stains.

Home remedy # 2: Oil-free facial tissue

You can also use a facial tissue to remove mascara stains from clothing. Make sure that it is an oil-free product so as not to contaminate the textile any more. Simply dab the stain carefully with the cloth and then clean the laundry in the machine.

What helps with nail polish stains on clothing?

It is a little more difficult to get nail polish out of clothing – especially when it comes to light and white textiles as well as very dark or color-intensive lacquers. The only remedy that will help save the garment in some cases is nail polish remover.

Put remover on the stain and soak up immediately with kitchen paper. Then wash clothes immediately in the washing machine. Caution: Not all substances tolerate nail polish remover. Therefore, you should first test it in an inconspicuous place.

What helps with dried-on make-up stains on clothing?

The most effective home remedy for removing makeup stains that have already dried on is gall soap.

1. Slightly moisten the dried stain and gall soap.

2. Carefully rub gall soap over the stain until the dirt is no longer visible.

3. If the stain can still be seen afterwards, soak the textile in warm water and gall soap and then wash as usual.

If the white spots have not completely disappeared, the process can be repeated again.

This is how you can prevent makeup stains

To avoid make-up stains on your clothes in the first place, you should consider the following tips:

  • Change your clothes before you do your makeup. This mainly prevents foundation edges on tops.
  • With very high-cut tops, e.g. turtleneck sweaters, you should only put make-up up to your chin and not down your neck.
  • Apply your make-up with brushes and sponges, not with your fingers.
  • At the end, fix your make-up with a setting spray or transparent powder.

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