Beautiful skin needs care. This of course also includes removing make-up every day. Because make-up residues can lead to impurities. We’ll tell you what you have to consider when removing make-up.

So that the skin remains smooth and supple, it must be perfectly removed and cleaned every day. This is the ultimate for a radiant and glowing complexion. You can find out how to choose the right cleaning care product to remove make-up according to your personal needs here: So that skin remains smooth and supple, it must be perfectly removed and cleaned every day. This is the ultimate for a radiant and glowing complexion . Here you can find out how to choose the right cleaning care product to remove make-up according to your personal needs:

Why do you have to remove make-up?

Thorough make-up removal is part of daily facial care in the morning and evening, because skin cleansing removes not only make-up residues but also all other dirt particles that burden our skin on a daily basis (e.g. air and environmental pollution).Thorough make-up removal is part of daily facial care in the morning and in the evening, because skin cleansing not only removes make-up residues but also all other dirt particles, ours skin daily exposure (e.g. air and environmental pollution).

If the skin is poorly cleaned, the pores become clogged. The complexion becomes pale and cloudy, and small blackheads appear. Removing make-up is also an important prerequisite for a better hold of make-up. Only perfectly cleansed skin shines in a natural, silky complexion. Important: Do not remove the make-up with normal soap, as this will irritate the epidermis and dry it out!

Make-up remover overview

Cleansing Milk
The cleansing milk, available in bottle form, is soft and preserves the skin’s natural protective film. It is applied directly to the skin and removed with a dry or damp cotton ball. The care product can be washed off after use, but this is not absolutely necessary. You can also apply a tonic lotion with cotton wool afterwards. Cleansing milk is suitable for all skin types.

Purifying Tonic Lotion
Cleansing facial toner usually has a 2-in-1 effect, because it cleanses deep into the pores and invigorates the skin at the same time. It is not rinsed afterwards. The facial toner for strengthening post-cleansing is suitable for all skin types.

gel or cream Gel or cream ensure thorough skin cleansing and leave behind a smooth and even complexion after removing make-up. After application, simply rinse with water. Suitable for oily and combination skin.

Cleansing foam
The skin should be briefly moistened beforehand so that the mousse can be used correctly. After removing make-up with a cleansing foam, the skin feels a bit dry. Therefore it is mainly suitable for oily or acne skin.

Make-up removal wipes
They are practical and can be taken anywhere. They are very efficient and suitable for all skin types, but unfortunately not very ecological. If you limit the consumption of the damp cleaning pads, you are doing something good for the environment.

The right make-up removal technique for every skin type

You have dry or sensitive skin:
Dry skin often suffers from a lack of sebum and therefore needs particularly gentle and nourishing care. Use a creamy cleansing milk enriched with hydrating active ingredients, an emulsion or a cleansing oil that supplies the epidermis with essential fatty acids and leaves the skin feeling soft and elastic.

The technology:
Wash the liquid cleansing milk or the mousse with lukewarm water after use. If the tap water is too hard, it is better to use mineral water. If you prefer cleansing milk or oil, it is sufficient to moisten a cotton ball with the lotion and gently wipe the skin with it.

The trick:
if you have dry skin, you should use a thermal water spray in the morning and a thorough make-up remover only in the evening.

You have oily skin or combination skin:
This skin type needs a lot of freshness and needs deep cleansing to get rid of the unpleasant greasy film. For this, care products are recommended that are rinsed with water and contain clarifying essential oils. The refreshing and grease-free cleansing gel cleanses the epidermis with an emollient effect. If little make-up is applied, a light and transparent facial toner is recommended for oily or combination skin – this has a cleansing and invigorating effect at the same time.

The technique:
Put a hazelnut-sized amount of gel in the palm of your hand and apply it to your face with a little water. Use a well-wrung washcloth to rinse. Then use a toner to remove the last residue of makeup. Cleansing water is spread over the whole face with a cotton ball and does not have to be rinsed off.

The trick:
A final rinse with cold water closes the pores, invigorates the surface of the skin and creates a radiant and strong complexion.

Remove eye make-up

The eyes are a particularly sensitive area of ​​the face where a lot of make-up is often applied. Therefore, to remove make-up from the eye area, you need special products that are suitable for this sensitive area.

A conventional, oil-free cleansing lotion or gel can be used to clean the eye area. But there are also much gentler care products that have been specially developed for this purpose.

The trick:
If you use waterproof cosmetics to make up, it is best to use an oil-based remover, which is only used to remove this type of make-up.

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