Can’t you see her, your damn saddlebags that make your butt too wide in jeans and make you complex in your tight little dresses? Here are some simple tips to harmonize your figure and forget about it while waiting to find the miracle solution to get rid of it!

Saddlebags: what cuts of clothes to adopt to camouflage it?

Located on the outside of the thighs and visually distorting the rounded shape of the hips , saddlebags are a real complexion for many of us. Rather than despairing in front of the mirror, we take things in hand by cheating with the right clothes to forget our little flaw.

To avoid emphasizing your complex area, avoid at all costs the basques that fall on the saddlebags and visually increase it. It’s unflattering when you have good thighs, so we say bye bye to this fantasy to redraw a more slender silhouette.

Also avoid all mini cuts, skirts and dresses combined, as the latter visually cut your leg length to mid-thigh, which highlights …. the saddlebags you are trying to cover up. So of course, you can show off your pretty legs but prefer a length just above the knee to wear short while concealing your curves.
On the trouser side , depending on your body type , opt for a low-rise cut model so as not to emphasize the hips or the volume of the thighs.

What colors of clothing to wear when you have saddlebags?

The idea is to make color your ally to cheat on the curves of your body thanks to the contrast between dark shades which refine and light colors which tend to increase the silhouette. We therefore put on light at the top to emphasize the face and dark at the bottom to appear thinner. The colors rebalance your silhouette in the blink of an eye.

Saddlebags: the fashion mistake not to make

Wear printed pants or pants with side pockets that will tend to widen your hips and thighs considerably. Your saddlebags will only be more visible!

In which materials to choose your clothes when you have saddlebags?

We banish too cheap , too thin and too stretchy materials that strongly mold the hips and thighs to reveal cellulite or a lack of tone. We use pure or blended cottons thick enough to help reduce your hips without a scalpel.

The essentials to have in your wardrobe

– An umbrella skirt that marks the waist to enhance you by offering you an ultra-feminine silhouette but allows you to hide the plump sides of your thighs,
– A well-chosen vertical striped shirt with a longer side in the back to make you forget your generous curves by blurring the shape of your hips,
– A long coat that reaches the knees to refine the thighs without marking them,
– A fluid and dark-colored trouser suit to create an illusion by lengthening the silhouette to refine it,
– Finally, nothing better than a sculpting panties to camouflage her saddlebags! We choose it in a stretchy and invisible material to shape the hips without compressing them in order to redraw a beautiful rounded without creases under the clothes.

The tip to remember: divert attention to your strengths! You have a nice chest ? Treat yourself to a devastating neckline ! Thin legs? Show them off in a skirt or a dress!

The do’s and don’ts in winter trends

Do : the 7/8 pants that reveal the ankle to lighten the entire lower body by stretching the silhouette.

Don’t : the wide tops and sweaters tightened at the bottom which mark the saddlebags look like nothing and put you at a disadvantage without you realizing it!

Extra tip to hide saddlebags

“With saddlebags, you choose your jeans well! We prefer the bootcut flared at the bottom for a cool look, or flare jeans , more chic. Two flattering cuts for plump women with generous hips, thighs and butt .”

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