No more dry and chapped hands! All our tips for finding a hand cream.

A suitable hand cream for everyone Moisturizing cream, anti-chapping cream, repairing or even anti-cracking cream… not to mention normal, dry, very dry hand creams etc. you don’t know where to turn?

Have you often wondered what the differences are between all these hand creams? Cream too oily, cream not moisturizing enough, often you have to test several before finding the one that suits you best…

What type of cream to repair dry, chapped and damaged hands?
Almost all cosmetic brands offer a special hand cream.

Choose the texture according to the need of your hands. The more your hands are dry, the more it will take a fatty cream to nourish them.

– For dry and chapped hands , favor fluid textures that penetrate quickly without leaving a greasy film on your hands.

– For very dry and damaged hands , choose a more oily moisturizer, based on shea butter , jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, etc.

Aloe vera is renowned for its healing and nourishing properties. It also has the advantage of being light and of not leaving the skin oily.

If they are really damaged, prefer those made from shea butter. The latter, thicker and very rich, will deeply rehydrate your skin.

To be more pleasant to apply, many creams are lightly scented. It’s up to you to choose according to your tastes and desires.

Some stores offer testers to try out a product. Do not hesitate ! Sometimes you have to test several creams before you really find the one that is right for you.

Massaging your hands with a hand cream
Applying a cream is good, massaging is even better!
To fully penetrate the hand cream, apply it in thick layers and massage your hands until the treatment is absorbed.

The ideal? Do it just before going to bed, the treatment will act throughout the night. If you want more effect, apply it in a thick layer and put on thin, cotton gloves, which you keep on overnight. In the morning, your hands will be soft and hydrated.

A tip: practical and easy to slip everywhere, take a small tube of hand cream in your bag or leave it in strategic places (your office, your car etc.) to apply it as soon as the need arises.

Moisturize your hands throughout the year
It is mainly in winter that we take care of our hands, but it is all year round that we should do it. Especially since, when they are well hydrated, we help to slow down the aging of the skin of our hands but also to take care of our nails .

Prevention is better than cure ! So remember to wear gloves when washing the dishes because everyday household products damage our hands. Also remember to wear gloves in winter to protect your hands from the cold.

Finally, after washing them, dry your hands properly. Avoid drying racks in public places which dry out the skin and prove to be breeding grounds for germs.

With all these tips, no more crocodile hands!

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