Many fear the appearance of stretch marks on their body and in particular on their buttocks, too long considered “unsightly”, but yet so natural.

More or less long, thick or thin, white or colored, with their striped appearance, stretch marks are recognizable at a glance! At any time of life, on anyone, and in various places on the body, they appear and settle on the skin. And while different possibilities exist to reduce stretch marks or prevent their appearance, we can also very well decide to take them fully … After all, what is more natural than stretch marks?

Whether you want to learn to love them, avoid them as much as possible, or tone them down, it doesn’t matter. In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know about stretch marks and give you all our advice. So, take your notes!

Stretch marks: what are they due to?

Difficult to provide a precise answer to this question. Stretch marks are small lesions on the skin caused by micro-tears in the fibers (collagen fibers and elastin fibers) located in the dermis – in other words, the second layer of the skin – which tear under certain circumstances. Puberty, weight gain, growth peak, pregnancy, weight loss, hormonal changes… Stretch marks can be caused by a whole bunch of various and varied factors!

This is why, regardless of your weight, age, diet or sports routine, it is possible to see stretch marks appear on your body at any time. When they have just settled on the skin, stretch marks are first tinted red, pink or purple, before turning white once healed. And if we find stretch marks on a large majority of women, they do not completely spare men, on whom it happens that stretch marks also settle.

Unpredictable, stretch marks land without warning, most of the time on the most convex areas of the body.

The buttocks: favorite area for stretch marks

Breasts, arms, thighs, stomach… Stretch marks are installed where they want them, or rather, where the breaks of collagen fibers and elastin fibers are most likely to occur. But if there is one area of ​​the body on which stretch marks are encrusted, it is on the buttocks!

As we were telling you, stretch marks are usually located where the skin tends to stretch the most and the buttocks are undeniably one of those areas of the body. Indeed, and especially in women, during a sudden weight gain, the excess fat often gets lodged in the hips, thighs and especially buttocks. This is why it is on these areas that we see a lot of stretch marks on the skin.

Learn to love your stretch marks to better assume them

Like everything that is part of your body, there is no reason for you to feel self-conscious about your stretch marks, not to mention that they have settled there naturally and that many more people than you do. think are in the same situation as you.

Stretch marks are a part of you and tell your story – like scars or tattoos – they are those little details of your body that only make you more unique. Moreover, on social networks, after having been hidden and retouched for a long time, the time has come for liberation! Stretch marks, on Instagram in particular, we no longer just assume them, but we display them with pride , accompanied by hashtags such as #bodypositive , or even more specifically #loveyourlines . In addition to helping us to decomplex, these photos – in which stretch marks are elevated to the rank of real beauty assets – teach us to perceive ours with a different eye … And if, finally, each stretch mark was, on your body, fine in its place?

Prevent the appearance of stretch marks on your body

However, fully assuming your stretch marks will not prevent you from wanting to prevent the appearance of new ones. For this, you can bet on diet, sport and hydration . Attention, we remind you, there is no miracle solution! However, certain minerals and vitamins are known to stimulate collagen production, promote skin elasticity, and thus prevent the appearance of stretch marks. So indulge yourself by favoring foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B5, silicon, copper, zinc …

Also, hydration – both internal and external – is essential! Dehydrated skin is weakened skin, which loses its flexibility and which is therefore more prone to the appearance of stretch marks. This is why we do not forget to drink and moisturize our skin daily, using a cream for example, especially in areas that we know are the most sensitive (the buttocks in particular).

Finally, sport is also an actor which has its importance in the prevention of the appearance of stretch marks. Indeed, practiced reasonably, physical activity helps maintain the elasticity of fibers and thus limits the propensity of stretch marks to settle on your body. Be careful, instead of reducing them, practiced more intensely, sport can become a cause of the appearance of stretch marks: if it causes weight loss or sudden mass gain, in particular.

You will understand, all these tips are valid for preventing the appearance of stretch marks, but not only! In general, if you want beautiful skin, but above all good health, diet, hydration and regular physical activity can only help you take care of yourself as it should.

Reduce your stretch marks

We were telling you, you can feel free to flaunt your stretch marks without complexes! However, if you’d rather make them go away, it’s all about your body and your only opinion matters. The main thing is that you are comfortable with your decisions: assume your stretch marks or try to reduce them? Regardless, as long as your perception of your body is not altered by received ideas that we would all do without, you can do what you want!

First of all, you should know that once properly installed, not only on the buttocks, but everywhere on the body, stretch marks are difficult to erase. On the other hand, when they are very recent (and recognizable by their reddish color), it is quite possible to reduce them. For this, different options are available to you:

  • Natural care against stretch marks

To prevent and reduce stretch marks, there are home and natural treatments that have proven to be effective. Among them, we find in particular certain vegetable oils , such as coconut oil with soothing properties and sweet almond oil, a treatment rich in vitamin E, both of which can be used as massage oil. These oils will be able to boost the elasticity of the skin and thus reduce stretch marks and prevent their appearance. There is also aloe vera gel , which has a high vitamin C and E content, which makes it effective in treating stretch marks. The shea butter, an extremely hydrating treatment, is also capable of visibly improving the appearance of the skin. To finish with the examples of natural anti-stretch marks care: lemon juice , rich in vitamin C, also acts on the dermis, stimulating the production of collagen and thus reducing stretch marks.

Treatments like these, there are a whole bunch of them! Now it’s up to you to find the one that suits you best.

  • Care specific to the treatment of stretch marks

Creams, oils, gels … Certain treatments have been specially designed to prevent or reduce stretch marks and have many benefits. To be applied daily to your buttocks, or any other area of ​​your body to be treated, you can very well combine the use of this type of treatment with one or more of the natural anti-stretch mark treatments mentioned above.

  • Stretch marks: other possible treatments

Even more radical, to treat your well-established stretch marks, you can turn to certain medical treatments: laser, pulsed light, peeling , cosmetic surgery … Different anti-stretch mark treatments are available to you. Know that, again, no quick fix is ​​promised. When we told you that stretch marks were particularly difficult to remove, we weren’t lying to you! However, if you are looking for an anti-stretch mark treatment with quick results, visible immediately (or after a few sessions), even on an old stretch mark, these options may be right for you.

Be careful, these anti-stretch mark treatments can be heavy, expensive and painful. This is why we advise you to inform yourself well before succumbing to it and to do so only if you really feel complexed by your stretch marks, in which case we recommend that you first consult a dermatologist. .

Finally, here is the best of our advice: above all, don’t forget to love yourself as you are … What you consider today as a fault, can tomorrow turn out to be a real asset that sets you apart from others! This rule works with stretch marks.

Image source: Instagram / @correctthecomparison

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