Vacation tan without vacation? This is possible with spray tanning. Here comes our experience report!

A perfect tan in a high-tech version: This is what spray tanning – also known as “tanning shower” – promises.

Sure, self-tanners give us a dark complexion without endangering our health. But unfortunately it is enough to forget a small piece of skin when applying cream and the result does not look so nice anymore. This cannot happen with spray tanning. “The shower guarantees a uniform tan”. Sure, self-tanners give us a dark complexion without endangering our health. But unfortunately it is enough to apply a little bit of cream skin to forget and the result doesn’t look so nice anymore . This cannot happen with spray tanning. “The shower guarantees a uniform tan,” promises tanning expertise

Spray tanning: the principle

As with the classic self-tanners, the famous dihydroxy acetone (DHA) is the decisive active ingredient in the sun shower, which causes the protein keratin contained in our skin to turn darker. In contrast to the solarium , tanning does not work with harmful UV rays. This tanning method is therefore completely safe for the skin (provided you are not allergic to the ingredients).As with the classic self-tanners, the famous dihydroxy acetone (DHA) is also the decisive active ingredient in our sun shower skin The protein contained in the keratin causes it to turn darker.

This is how tanning works with spray tanning

Artificial sunbathing via spray tanning is carried out in an automatic shower cabin. It is sufficient to press the start button to start the tanning spraying process.

Even if spray tanning is not harmful to your health, you need to take some precautions before a tanning session. Here are 7 things that you have to consider

when using spray tanning: 1. Gently exfoliate the skin beforehand to remove dead skin
2. Dry skin areas such as the back of the hand should be thoroughly covered with a rich cream (provided in the studio)
3. Deodorant or make-up must be removed before spray tanning
4. You have to reckon with 6 hours until the skin is completely dry again after the tanning shower. You should therefore wear baggy and dark clothing as possible for a tanning session.
5. The products used in tanning also tan the hair: Do not forget to shave or epilate your legs before the session (at least 24 hours beforehand!) And put on the protective hood for your head.
6. As with other self-tanning products, you can choose between different color nuances when tanning. If you are pale, choose a low level.
7. Since tanning is not a natural tanning process, the resulting tan does not protect the skin from the harmful side effects of UV rays. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen before exposing your skin to the sun.

Tests spray tanning and experience!

“Spray tanning is ideal for very fair-skinned people like me, who just hear the word ‘sunshine’ and have the feeling that their skin is reddening. After all, we sun-sensitive people also want to look nice and crisp.

We are so daring in summer and winter never without sunscreen out of the house. But the desire to tan does not make in front of us stop and from experience I can say that I at home after so many self-test rather looked like a Dalmatian place as a beach beauty.

When you spray -Tanning in the tanning shower you actually reach all parts of the body that should be tanned and there are no white areas that could be forgotten.First of all, you should urgently follow the guidelines as described above (depilate, peel and cream!).

The spray nozzles are only attached to one side and automatically move up and down on a rail. Your spray tanning provider will certainly explain to you exactly how to position yourself in the shower. You will probably practice the sequence of movements beforehand.

You have your privacy during the spraying process, the room should be lockable. On the cabin floor there are numbers on which you position your feet. The device then gives you instructions from a loudspeaker that are very easy to follow.

Make sure to close your eyes while spraying on your face and breathe out through your nose better during this one second. Make sure to hold yourself upright to avoid unnecessary wrinkles. Lift your chin up slightly so that there are no stripes on the neck.”

These are the advantages of the tanning shower

Martina Weinand from Spa Cologne explains to us: “In contrast to a solarium or natural sunbathing, tanning is completely harmless to the skin. The spray method guarantees a uniform, whole-body tan in seconds”. In addition, tanning is relatively inexpensive. A tanning treatment including aloe vera pre-treatment in the Spa Cologne costs 20 euros, for example.

How long does spray tanning last?

The bad news: Unfortunately, the tan effect quickly fades. After about a week or, if you shower several times a day, even after a few days, the tan will say goodbye. But: For a special occasion (e.g. a wedding) or before your next vacation, spray tanning is definitely a great way to conjure up a quick tan!

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