Minimize social contacts due to Corona. It’s so easy to say. But what if you’re single and loneliness keeps getting bigger? About contact options despite Corona and the slightly different type of data.

Not everyone gets along equally well with social distancing. On the one hand, each of us deals with difficult crises differently. On the other hand, the prerequisites are also very different. Perhaps there is the family man with a house and garden, for whom the blanket just doesn’t fall on head falls. And there is the single who feels like a tiger in a cage in his city apartment.

In times of Corona and Lockdown, that really affects the mood for quite a few people .

Why loneliness is so difficult

The Friendship Report from Snapchat shows that insecurity and loneliness are increasing in Europe . For this purpose, 30,000 people in 16 countries as well as experts worldwide were surveyed. According to the study, 26 percent of Europe feel lonely.

Social distancing also means that someone who lives alone can no longer meet his friends and relatives on a regular basis. And that increases the loneliness significantly for 40 percent. Especially since the second lockdown meets already ailing minds and the dark season is approaching.

Mental health: Liabilities have it much easier

The fact is: Those who live in a happy relationship are more armed against such feelings. Even as a person in a relationship, you feel the increasing isolation as oppressive, but you still have your partner with you. A good partnership is the perfect protection for physical and mental health.

Initial studies already show that the pandemic and the lockdown are leaving their mark on the psyche. Anxiety, depression and mental illness have increased. And singles in particular are more affected. Social contacts are important. And that’s why it must be possible now as a single to get to know other people. The only question is how.

Singles have to be inventive

One thing is clear: data just like that is not possible right now. Especially now in the lockdown. The good news: There are now not all that bad ways and means to escape loneliness and – despite all the guidelines and rules that you should of course follow – get to know someone.

Anyone who immediately shakes their head and thinks “irresponsible” does not know the loneliness with all its bad side effects. For many people it is an unbearable situation that is likely to continue for a while – no wonder if many singles get inventive.

And inventive means in this case: You will find opportunities to get to know others without being reckless and irresponsible! We do not want to call for collective disobedience here, but rather see what is possible and justifiable in these complicated times.

Mindful data: tips against loneliness

But what does a Corona-compliant date look like? Of course, singles should follow a few rules. And yes, digital communication is absolutely preferable – for your own safety and that of the date. But even in this way it is possible not to sink into single frustration.

The slow dating trend shows that this makes sense. Because the new mindfulness and slowness in dating, contrary to the earlier speed dating, is not only safe in the pandemic, but also has a nice side effect: After all, we are now choosing our dating partners much more specifically and consciously. So less bankruptcies, bad luck and mishaps.

Thanks to digital communication, singles now have the opportunity to check the other person much more extensively to see whether it fits and whether both want the same thing before deciding on a date. Common interests, hobbies, values ​​or dislikes: All of this can be clarified virtually in advance.

It’s more about personality than just a picture that briefly speaks to you. Fewer dates, but suitable and good dates.

Slow & online dating is currently booming

The dating portals have noticed since the first cases that many singles are currently acting in exactly the same way. The number of text messages and video chats has skyrocketed.

The dating apps has seen a significant increase in video dates since the beginning of the pandemic. Chatting, writing and telephoning has also increased by 280 percent. Tinder was also able to determine that not only the number of messages has increased significantly. The length of the text discussions has also increased significantly.

So, even if a meeting should not be planned rashly: There are many alternative ways to be close and get to know each other. Are you annoyed with writing forever distant messages?

Date despite social distancing: 7 ideas for more closeness for two

1. Walk in the Parc
A discovery that many dating couples have surely made: taking a walk. What you might have found boring and old-fashioned in the past is now the best way to date. Because you’re outside in the fresh air, at a distance, maybe even both with a mask. A not everyday but quite safe way to get to know each other.

2. Enjoy virtually: from the menu to wine tasting
But there are also many great ways to have romantic dates without necessarily meeting. So you can do a wine tasting with your partner via video telephony, or cook together (everyone in their kitchen) and then eat “together” via video chat. In this case, necessity simply has to be inventive, and in the end it is certainly not so exciting to come up with new ways of dating.

3. Virtual culture enjoyment: From the DJ set to the Mona Lisa
Also good: There are many online offers from clubs, theaters or operas where you can join in and enjoy. Be it the DJ set that you can follow online or that cultural venues offer special insights online. Virtual visits to museums are also possible. On Google Arts & Culture 500 museums and exhibitions from all over the world can be visited online, you can even visit the Palace of Versailles together.

4. Together in the zoo with a click
Animal lovers meet for a dog walk or go virtually to the zoo. How about, for example , visiting the penguins in the San Diego Zoo , the elephant park in the Zurich Zoo or a tour of Hagenbeck’s zoo via Google Streetview?

5. Make plans for better times
What also helps: forging joint plans for the time after Corona. Everything that you cannot do now, you can plan together and enjoy the anticipation. Which restaurant do you want to show him, which of your favorite spots in town? Where could a weekend getaway go? Sounds poor, but still feels good.

6. Create rituals
You can also think up rituals with your new favorite person that will strengthen the bond, even if you rarely see each other live. For example, a morning wake-up call or an evening video call from bed. This can also strengthen a bond, in complicated times, when you can’t meet in bars or anywhere outside.

7. Small gifts keep love
Also nice: if you can’t stop by your loved one yourself, send a parcel to him and surprise him with a little greeting by post. Maybe you kill two birds with one stone and give away vouchers from shops or restaurants that you want to support in the crisis.

And meet live?

It should be clear to everyone that you cannot physically go all out, as was possible before Corona. Even if it’s just about a kiss or a hug, singles are now more cautious.

And it has been shown that it is important to many singles that their dating partner ticks like them when it comes to caution and corona measures. According to a poll, the whole 62 percent of singles are very important. So if both are in agreement and are careful, nothing stands in the way of a meeting.

One should be clear: Caution is important so that better times will come as soon as possible. If we are considerate even when making friends in times of social distancing, singles should do the same when dating. Even if it is difficult: love will overcome all hurdles. You just have to believe firmly in them.

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