Do you want to look younger and fresher? Then you’d better not wear these clothes…

1. Twinsets

You can’t go wrong with pastel colored twin sets … If you are looking for a present for your own grandma. In a part like this everyone just looks 20 years older.

Better: The young alternative to the dusty twin sets are buttonless oversize cardigans. Not only are they wonderfully cozy, they also go perfectly with a casual jeans look.

2. Single row pearl necklaces

Do you want to look younger? Then stay away from short pearl necklaces. Unless you’re invited to tea at the Queen’s or meet your bridge girls for a game. Joking aside. The necklaces make you look much older immediately and look rather old-fashioned, especially in combination with the above-mentioned knitted jackets.

Better: Wear pearls in the form of trendy earrings or as an XXL statement chain with a casual top. This look looks more modern and younger.

3. All-over animal prints

Do you know Harald Glööckler? The botox-ironed designer with the strange make-up? He LOVES animal prints, especially in combination with 3 kilos of rhinestones. His “dashing” and “youthful” collection with the wonderful name ‘Pompöös’ (available on QVC by the way) is aimed at women 50-60+. You notice: Too many wild cats and zebras and you look like QVC buyers.

Better: If animal patterns, then use them consciously and sparingly. How about, for example, leopard loafers for a jeans look?

4. Patterned tunics

You can take any animal print, pair it with a flower or paisley pattern, dip everything in bright colors and make a tunic out of it – and you have a piece that makes you 10 years older. Let’s be honest: The screamingly colorful Walle-Walle tops are really anything but “young” and “modern”.

Better: If you like tunics, it is better to choose monochrome models with delicate embroidery. Especially trendy in summer 2017 and not a bit old-fashioned: flowing, white folklore blouses with floral decorations. Wide blouses with flounced sleeves are even more trendy.

5. Bulky pumps

A wide, coarse heel less than 5 cm and a beak-like point: In such granny shoes you get 5 years more on the account.

Better: To everyone who likes retro shoes: It’s better to combine them with a casual outfit with rolled up boyfriend or cropped jeans. This break in style looks super cool.

6. Boring classic looks

The “power-old-high-ten” combination: sheath dress, knitted jacket, pearl necklace and granny shoes. So that you don’t look like your own grandmother in a shift dress, you should combine it in a more modern way.

Better: Style modern shoes with a classic shift dress. Lace-up sandals, for example, are super trendy. The high heels in lace-up make the look immediately younger and super sexy too. If you can’t walk so well in high heels, you can combine metallic laofer with it instead. Now even more elegant and subtle jewelry – the elegant, but not a bit dusty look is ready.

Finally, it is important to note that the tips we give you in our fashion articles are of course only hints and ideas. Much more important, however, is that you find your own style and wear what you like. Because the most important styling tip is still to wear your own outfits with pride and self-confidence!

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