Are you looking for ideal care products that counteract premature aging? We have selected the best anti-aging methods for all ages that perfectly care for your skin and keep it looking young for a long time.

Many women do not know what care their facial skin needs and which products they should really use. Moisturizing cream, skin-tightening serum or day care with as much UV protection as possible? The selection of beauty products that promise anti-aging effects is simply huge.

Whether you are a tender 20, a confident 30 or a demanding 40: We’ll reveal the best care tips for all ages and reveal which products keep your skin young and smooth.

Skin care at 20: a boost of moisture for plump skin

In the early twenties, most of the people’s skin is exactly what we want it to be: even, plump and without a trace of wrinkles. But deep inside, processes take place at a young age that age our skin. Therefore, beauty experts recommend consistent skin care from 25! Between our 20s and 30s, our skin gradually thins. The collagen content decreases by about one percent per year.

How to prevent the first wrinkles:
Good moisturizers are an absolute must-have from 25. In this way, the elasticity of the skin is retained for as long as possible. For the day, care with a sun protection factor offers additional protection against light-induced skin aging. UV light is responsible for up to 80 percent of the premature aging of the skin. In short: the sun creates wrinkles.

A moisturizing cream with high UV protection that is supposed to give skin over 25 the optimal care upgrade . The day care is supposed to provide the skin with moisture without weighing it down and protect it from light-induced skin aging.

Skin care at 30: anti-aging creams for fine lines

From the age of 30, the skin cells no longer renew themselves every 28 days as usual. Cell activity slowly decreases and the skin regeneration cycle is extended. It is no longer so easy for the skin to store moisture and it produces less fat than it did in the 20s.

The result: the first signs of the aging process are visible in the form of fine lines. The production of elastin and collagen slowly but surely decreases.

You should pay attention to this at 30+:
During the day, the skin still needs sufficient moisture and UV protection, at night it can recover from stressful everyday life with preventive anti-aging products. Products with hyaluronic acid, urea and glycerine help the skin to store moisture better. The skin also needs antioxidants that can prevent cell damage through free radicals. These are contained in creams with vitamin E or Q10, for example.

Special eye care is also recommended from the age of 30 at the latest. Fine wrinkles around the thin-skinned eye area can be padded and the cell metabolism promoted.

Skin care at 40: rich products for a radiant complexion

From 40, our skin becomes significantly more demanding. Fine lines become more and more visible and the formation of wrinkles progresses. The production of stabilizing collagen and elastin continues to decrease and the reduced blood flow to the skin makes the complexion appear tired and pale faster. In addition, there are hormonal fluctuations that can suddenly lead to pimples and blemishes.

Depending on how healthy our lifestyle was and how much the skin was exposed to the sun, there are clear differences in the personal aging process from 40.

This skin care is suitable for your 40+ skin: From 40, it’s time to expand the care ritual for our facial skin a little and add a few new products. In addition to an anti-aging cream that is as rich as possible, a skin-tightening serum can also be used, especially for dry skin. This supplies the skin with valuable ingredients, plumps lines and ensures a more radiant complexion. Anti-aging creams with vitamin C, Q10 or soy support the natural regeneration of the skin overnight.

Product tip: An anti-aging cream with pure collagen, vitamin C and vitamin E

Skin care with 50+: Strengthening care against dry skin

From the age of 50, the skin becomes increasingly thinner and more sensitive. Wrinkles appear more clearly and the subcutaneous fatty tissue continues to regress over time. From the age of 60, the first red veins can become visible and pigment disorders occur. The falling estrogen level ensures that the sebum glands produce less fat and the skin dries out and tightens more easily.

How to strengthen your skin with 50+:
Anti-aging creams with calcium and valuable argan oil support the skin’s moisture balance, while ingredients such as pearl extracts or Bioxilift give sensitive skin strength. A rich anti-aging cream with argan oil also works fine. Products with these ingredients also have a firming and plumping effect on the skin. Products with soy extract can counteract pigment spots.

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