It’s one of those things with ‘I love you‘: some people love these three words and say them to their partner every hour it feels like. Others have sudden paralysis of the tongue just thinking about saying these words. They don’t even have to. Because there are so many other wonderful sentences to say.

Do you also belong to the ‘I love you’ hesitants? Then here are a few sentences that are at least as emotional, telling, great, happy and wonderful. Eight sentences that are even more beautiful than the magic three words. What do you all mean?

1. Since I’ve known you, everything is different.

That means nothing more and nothing less than: You changed my life. All relationships before were different. Anyone who is told that can really feel loved.

2. I’m always there for you.

No matter what you do. Nobody else says that to you, only the person who sincerely loves you.

3. You make me happy.

Sometimes nice compliments can be so easy. So here too. Simple, clear and yet beautiful to say to someone: Everything is simply more beautiful with you.

4. Do you want the last piece?

Do not laugh! That too is a proof of love. When you really love someone, your happiness isn’t as important to you as seeing the other happy. And if you do without pizza, chocolate or whatever, despite the water flowing in your mouth, you truly love! Because what constitutes true love is to love selflessly.

5. Do you want to grow old with me?

Exactly that: not only in good days, now and here, when we are young and healthy. What if the other needs care? What if the other one no longer looks fresh and crisp? When he gets quirky and stubborn? If you don’t care, you really love!

6. With you I am absolutely sure for the first time.

Also a wonderful compliment. You are not just one of many. Life phase partner. You are THE ONE. The great love. The one who is closer to him than anyone else before.

7. I don’t feel complete without you.

Finding the soul mate is great happiness. Like two parts that only make a whole together. Sounds great when you love each other with skin and hair.

8. I’ve been looking for you all my life.

May sound a bit cheesy to some. But said at the right moment, it’s a super nice compliment to the love of his life. Goosebumps guaranteed.

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