The first few weeks with the new baby as a new mom is like an emotional roller coaster ride. Mom has so many feelings and experiences that you really have to experience to be able to understand them.

Of course, it is clear to you even before you become pregnant that your entire life will change with a baby – but when it is there, you really become aware of it! From now on everything revolves around this cute little noodle that keeps you awake loudly at night. In the first few weeks in particular, new parents can expect a lot and some things can only be understood if you have experienced them yourself.

Naturally it is clear to you even before pregnancy that your entire life will be changed by a baby – but when it is there, then you really become aware of it! From now on everything revolves around this cute little noodle that keeps you awake loudly at night. In the first few weeks in particular, new parents can expect a lot and some things can only be understood if you have experienced them yourself.

Here are 6 things you only know as a new mom.

“Tired” is not good enough to describe how you feel

The word “tired” is never enough to describe the level of exhaustion new moms feel. You have just come through the exhausting final weeks of pregnancy and an exhausting birth – and then comes sleep deprivation. Oh, the sleep deprivation.

Yes, babies are the greatest gifts and you never thought you could experience so much love and happiness, but the human body just wasn’t designed to function on 3-5 hours of sleep for long periods of time – sleep deprivation wasn’t for nothing as Torture method used.

Mom becomes forgetful, clumsy, sensitive and even the smallest hurdles become huge challenges. Why is the baby crying now? Why isn’t it sleeping? Why is it sleeping now, shouldn’t it be hungry by now? Should i wake it up? (Never! Never wake the baby!) And all these important decisions are to be made even though one has practically not slept.

And for all those who still have doubts: Yes, your baby angel will probably wake you up at half past one at night, and then again at three, at half past five, and because it was so beautiful, also at six.

Visiting is nice, but also exhausting

Everyone is excited and wants to get to know the baby – and a short visit to show that they are there for the new parents is always nice (by the way, guests who come along with food get bonus points). But the emphasis is on “a quick visit”. As a new parent, especially when you have your first child, you also need rest and time for yourself and the new baby – and no, comments on the condition of the apartment are not welcome. Unless the visit wants to offer help, which brings us to the next point …

“Let me know if you need help” doesn’t help

The well-intentioned phrase “let me know if you need help” is absolutely useless. Why? Because most people take note of it and then never say what they actually need. Freshly baked mums are no exception! And it would be so easy to help us! When you come by, bring a casserole so mom doesn’t have to cook. Offers to iron or do a few loads of laundry (it’s unbelievable how much dirty laundry such a little baby can produce) or spontaneously wash the dishes from having coffee together before they pile up in the kitchen. The more specific the offers of help, the better, because then we new parents feel much more comfortable accepting your offer.

Well-intentioned advice doesn’t help either

When it comes to questions of upbringing, everyone is suddenly an expert, even people who have not yet had children. It also seems as if pregnancy prepares us soon-to-be mothers sufficiently that everyone – and we really mean EVERYONE – believes their opinion is important and asked. Ultimately, complete strangers suddenly find it okay to touch a pregnant woman, or to ask how the baby is supposed to be born and whether to breastfeed.

The unwanted advice and invasive questions only get worse once the baby arrives. Because now everything is a matter of public debate: what the baby is eating, how the baby is sleeping, why the baby is crying and what we parents should do to stop the baby from crying. Every new mom who can stay calm after weeks of sleep deprivation when a complete stranger in the supermarket explains how to handle the baby deserves a medal.

Everything is sore or painful. Everything.

Newly baked mums have just carried a person inside of them and gave birth to the fact that this puts a strain on the body should probably not surprise anyone. But many factors come together so soon after the birth: The genital area is sore (or the caesarean scar is painful), not to mention the mothers who have had their perineum torn or cut, and a small person sucks several times a day the sensitive nipple.

In addition, the back hurts because you constantly have to bend down and carry the baby. The neck is constantly tense, thanks to the worries that a new mom always makes (is the baby still breathing?) And then the cramps because the uterus recedes.

A person can feel 100 different feelings at the same time

You are overjoyed, incredibly in love with your baby, but you are also afraid, you feel alone, you are emotional, you are overwhelmed and all at once – as a new mom you cry quickly and often.

Maybe it’s because of the hormones, maybe it’s sleep deprivation, maybe it’s the realization that the old life you led has been turned upside down. The fact is, the emotional roller coaster will also pass, but we need mom’s time for that. But the baby is the best reward for getting through it all.

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