It’s not always easy to determine if we are really in love with our future half. This article helps you decipher your feelings.

It’s never easy to describe how you feel about someone: Love? From the friendship? Purely physical attraction? We give you some explanations so that you are at best in your love life.

Signs that don’t decieve

The little butterflies in your stomach when you see the person, a feeling of heat, the desire to see them again soon after you have just left each other, your thoughts are focused on this person as well as on the future projects that you can carry out together… All of these things are already beautiful signals that your heart is not indifferent to this new person entering your life. In short, you feel that there is that little extra something that you don’t have with others.

6 signs that you are in love

After the first dates, the chirping in the stomach when you see each other, the messages sent late at night … Your relationship is taking shape little by little. But the question “am I in love?” persists. To help you know, here are 6 signs that will confirm (or not) your feelings.

The presentations

You introduce your other half to your family circle and / or close friends. “The fact of bringing someone into the heart of their intimacy, of sharing family moments clearly shows that we care a lot for this person and that they are different from others which is a sign that we have strong feelings that we are considering a future, even if this has not yet been said”. Also go back in time and observe your previous relationships to analyze the “important” moments when you love someone. You will be able to observe if you reproduce them with the person whom you think you like.


Living from day to day is good, but also having plans for two. A sign that you are in love is when you project yourself a minimum with the person you are dating. It is not a question of directly building a house or having a large family, but simply of thinking of projects together. The latter can be a trip , start an activity, sports for example, together …

I love you

The more time goes by, the more ready you will feel to tell the person that you love them. “When you feel ready to say it, when you know it deep within you, it’s because you are already in love,” recalls the love coach. Beyond saying it out loud, wanting to share things is already a perfect sign of love. And then, at the start of a relationship, wanting to make it all right, trying to be natural, while not wanting to take a wrong step shows that you care about that person.

You are different with him

You do not behave with him as with other people around you. “He’s got something special and you realize that, which makes you behave in a certain way too, a little bit unusual. This shows that you are not immune to its charm and that you want to go further ”. Your behavior towards your other half is more gentle and affectionate. The marks of attention towards a partner are essential in a relationship.

You are addicted

You feel like jumping on him, hugging him hard, biting him… all these gestures are called, cute assaults . You are constantly attracted to this person… In short, you love them and need to feel them around you as regularly as possible.

Fear invades you

You are on cloud nine, and yet somewhere in your head you are very afraid that everything will end. “The fear that the relationship will end and the anguish of losing your loved one clearly shows that you are attached”.

Do these six signs speak to you? So, you are definitely part of the “in love” category. And above all, do not be afraid and enjoy these beautiful moments.

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