You want to please your cat and you spend a certain amount of money on a funny toy. And what happens? The cat plays with the cardboard box, but ignores its gift. It’s time for a change, and these gifts will help you have fun with real toys!

One thing is certain: kitten or adult, your cat wants to have fun. But not all toys are suitable for cats. Too loud for their sensitive ears, or the wrong size, you need the perfect toy.

A good toy responds to your cat’s instincts, even when it is very simple. Here are five toys your cat will love!

The fishing rod

Cats are hunters. What could be better than a prey which moves away slowly? Unlike mice or balls, the fishing rod offers the advantage of actively playing with your cat, while maintaining control. Great, loot doesn’t suddenly disappear under the living room dresser!

If you want to play with your cat, this is indeed the ideal gift, you will see, it will amuse him for hours.

The cat tunnel

What cat owner has never noticed that their companion loves to play with plastic or paper wrappers? Indeed, as soon as you unpack a package, it’s party time. He loves to hide in plastic bags, he likes the noise a lot! For all cats who like noise and a little action, we have the right toy: the cat tunnel. It is a flexible tunnel, which makes noise when the cat is playing in it. Your cat will both be able to walk through the tunnel and have fun with the noise.

The labyrinth

Does your cat sit in the kitchen all day and meow because he wants food? It may also be that he is bored. To occupy your cat, and instead of constantly feeding him, we offer the labyrinth with kibble. It is a multi-level tower. At the top are croquettes or treats. Let the adventure begin!

With openings on the sides and in the different levels, your cat must now move the food around until it falls into a hole in the lower part of the bowl. Quite an occupation, especially for playful and greedy cats.

The game track

Are you not always at home to take care of your cat and you are afraid that he will be bored? So find him an occupation! And this treasure hunt seems ideal to us. Indeed, a luminous ball rolls inside. Through the openings in the track, the cat can chase the ball for as long as he wants and believe it, it can last! He will no longer always need you to take care of the hours.

The activity table

Using the same principle as the labyrinth, discover this other smart toy: the cat activity board. Your cat will have to show some logic here, and prove to you all his abilities! He should be quick, and try to keep a certain logic. The challenges are multiple, and croquettes are hidden here and there. Discovering them will be his motivation. He must, among other things, catch objects in holes, or move food. Rest assured, you will remain essential for him, and will always be his best playmate!

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