Easy to draw an hourglass figure with these few simple tips without going through the diet or gym box. Follow the guide !

A pretty well marked and defined waist is a shock asset to harmonize and boost your silhouette in a snap. By playing on some optical effects or adopting the right reflexes in the morning in front of your mirror, it is possible to improve your figure and visually make your waist slimmer . Our tips for a divinely feminine look.

1) Belt!

In addition to being trendy this season, well chosen, the belt considerably refines the silhouette . On a dress, jeans, sweater, tunic or even your favorite winter coat, this accessory works miracles and visually transforms the body.

The wider the belt, the more it will accentuate the desired wasp waist effect : it will be perfect for X-shaped or hourglass body shapes. A thinner belt will make the curves stand out more.

Another tip for those who do not have a marked waist at all (rectilinear H-shaped morphology): wear a belt in the same color as your clothing in tone on tone.

It’s not for nothing that the trench coat is popular and is one of the essentials to have in your wardrobe ! In addition to going with everything, it remains incredibly flattering, among other things thanks to its belt that structures the silhouette.

And if you want to lengthen your legs, you will place your belt right at the waist, or even a little higher under the chest, and voila.

2) Adopt the high waist

A real tip! High waisted clothes not only lengthen the legs , but they also make your figure sexy as hell. This is good since there are now many skirts, pants and high-waisted jeans that cover the waist and above all tuck in an apparent belly. Exit the small protruding bead, here it is camouflaged!

The pencil skirt , straight or sheath version, is a must in this matter: go for it! She will pay attention to the curve of the hips and therefore make your waist appear slimmer in contrast.

Finally, tuck a little structured top inside, neither too wide nor too tight (especially when you have a small belly), this will harmoniously hug the curves and balance everything.

3) Define the size with a jacket or blazer

In winter, we all like to curl up in a large, comfortable but very often shapeless waistcoat … We forget (or while at home!), Because it clearly disadvantages the silhouette.

Instead, opt for a small fitted jacket or a blazer, which, with a pinched waist, will make you look much slimmer . And what’s more, it’s chic.

4) Bet on optical effects

And more particularly with the side bands . The must: wear a dress in monochrome, perfect for emphasizing the curves, and preferably with dark panels (black or navy) on the sides to make it more elegant.

5) Choose the fabric of your clothes carefully

The thicker the material , the more body it will have and will flatter the silhouette.
For a dress, for example, choose one that is shaping, which will highlight your waist; a material that is too fluid and too loose will hide the lines and therefore bring out the flaws more.

And of course, you can always have recourse to a well adapted and / or shaping lingerie like with the corset or the high waist panties for an unparalleled support.

The hourglass figure is yours!

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