When fall and winter arrive, there’s nothing like wrapping up in a nice, cozy scarf. Indispensable part of our dressing room, it enhances any look… as long as it is chosen well! Here are 5 tips to make sure you’re buying the model that’s right for you!

Besides keeping our neck warm, the scarf allows us to face the colder months in style. Ideal for accessorizing your seasonal outfits, they can be worn as well with an oversized sweater as with a jacket or a coat.

5 tips for choosing your scarf

Are you about to buy a new scarf but you do not yet know which model to turn to? Here are some tips to help you choose.

1. The perfect scarf color for your outfit

A scarf can either enhance your look or spoil it altogether. This is the reason why it must be chosen well. So opt for a scarf that matches your outfit: you can either opt for a shade similar to your outfit in a lighter or darker tone to create a beautiful color harmony, or choose a color that is completely opposite to your look on the circle. chromatic to create a nice contrast.

2. A brightly colored scarf? Wear sober clothes

This year, fall and winter will be colorful! From sky blue to lilac, passing through turquoise, bright red or pine green, opt for a colorful scarf that will add pep to your outfit and break up the winter gray. Be careful though: don’t overdo it! With a brightly colored scarf around the neck, there’s nothing like a beautiful plain coat or a sober outfit.

3. The right scarf color for your face

The scarf is worn close to the face, so it is important that its color matches your skin tone perfectly. The colors that work for you often match the undertones in your hair, eyes, and skin. When choosing, be sure to place the different designs that you like on your shoulders and under your chin in order to find the perfect color.

4. The right scarf color for your hair

Blond hair

Blondes can afford a lot of colors, but some of them make you stand out more:

  • Red is a nice contrast to your fair hair.
  • White complements blonde and creates a beautiful harmony between light colors.
  • Cobalt blue is often used to accentuate blonde locks: the contrast between bright blue and light locks usually makes it look great.
  • Emerald green is a beautiful, deep color that pairs perfectly with blonde hair.
  • Yellow makes you glow if you have tanned skin.

Brown hair

Dark colors particularly highlight you. These in particular:

  • The ocher yellow offers a nice contrast with the brown strands.
  • Dark pink looks great on you if your hair is dark brown.
  • Olive green and khaki green are ideal for women with brown hair.
  • Dark blue is best if you have dark brown hair and dark skin tone.
  • Red also looks great on brunettes.
  • Want a light color? Opt for a beige model, a classic color that works every time!

Red hair

Red is the color of fall par excellence! Complete your look with these colors:

  • Khaki green, emerald green, fern green… Red hair goes with different shades of green. Particularly the deep green, which brings out your pretty porcelain complexion. A sure bet!
  • Black emphasizes your beautiful red mane and highlights your hair. However, this should be avoided if you have very fair skin, at the risk of appearing even paler.
  • Blue, plum and purple are complementary to red in the color wheel. They are therefore ideal for giving character to your hair.
  • Autumnal shades like orange yellow, burgundy or brown give you a warm look, perfect for the season!

Dark hair

Make your looks shine with bright hues:

  • Red creates a nice contrast and accentuates the dark aspect of your hair.
  • Colors with shades of blue like emerald green, wine lees, purple or cobalt will highlight your pretty mane.
  • Light pink is a nice contrast if you have dark skin tone.
  • Do you prefer neutral tones? Go for gray or white. Add a colorful detail to your outfit for a harmonious final look.

Grey hair

Do you have gray hair? Avoid beige shades, yellow and pastel and turn to these colors:

  • The different shades of gray, to combine with a pretty colorful outfit.
  • Blue, fuchsia, red and blue will add pep to your looks.
  • Purple brings a cool element to your gray hair, while earthy tones like brown and orange warm up your look.

5. The right scarf for your figure

You may never have paid attention to it, but your figure matters when choosing a scarf:

  • If you are petite then you should opt for a fine knit scarf.
  • Are you rather tall? Don’t be afraid to choose a really big, thick scarf.
  • Do you have a big breast? Choose a flexible fabric that doesn’t create too much extra bulk.
  • You have small breasts: add volume to your breasts with a large scarf.

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