You would have thought that there was nothing easier than taking a shower. Mistake! Without knowing it, when you wash yourself, you make a few small mistakes. Zoom in on those we will no longer do.

1. Shaving without soap

When you have to shave, you often wait until you are in the shower. We say to ourselves that if our body is wet, we will not need shaving cream or soap. Fault ! Water does not soften or lubricate the area to be shaved. From now on, we will no longer simply shave with water, but we will think well of using a shaving foam (or a soap!) Which facilitates razor bumps, but also prevents any cuts or irritation of the skin.

2. Forgetting to wash your feet

It’s proven: some people don’t always wash their feet in the shower. They cleanse the upper body, private parts, upper legs, and then stop there. The reason ? The soapy water then runs over the calves to clean them. The feet are a dip. However, if the area is not scrubbed, it will not be rid of all of its impurities. So we take a washcloth or a shower flower, then we scrub and clean our entire body, including the feet!

3. Use a cleaner that is too aggressive

While not everyone has so-called “sensitive” skin, it is still fragile. You have to pamper her and be careful not to attack her too much. For this, it is advisable to choose gentle body cleansers for the epidermis. Once our shower is over, we see the difference. Theese leaves the skin as soft as a baby’s!

4. Take too long a shower

If using harsh cleansers is bad for the skin, taking long showers is just as bad. Specialists advise not to stay more than 10 minutes underwater. Beyond that, water has harmful effects on our skin. It deteriorates its hydrolipidic film which allows our skin to remain protected. In other words, taking long showers promotes dry skin, and therefore itching!

5. Remove makeup with water

Yes, it’s true ! Sometimes we are too lazy to remove our makeup before going to wash. We tell ourselves that once in the shower, we can just run our face under the water. But bad idea! Makeup removers are made to remove makeup. Their formula makes it possible to remove all traces of make-up, but also part of the impurities. If you want a really clean face, it is important to remove makeup before going in the shower. We can then take advantage of being under water to clean our face with a cleanser adapted to our skin type. This will remove all the impurities accumulated during the day, for perfect skin!

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