We’re not going to lie to each other, quite a few of us dream of a big doll’s gaze, just to captivate the crowds (yes, just that) with a simple flick of our eyelashes. Here are our easy make-up tips to cheat a little and give our eyes all the light and scope they deserve.

1. Miracle pencil

Exit the black kohl which makes our beautiful eyes smaller, and hello the little trick that makes a big difference: the flesh (or white) pencil, applied to the mucous membrane, illuminates and opens the eyes.

2. False eyelashes

We tend to keep them for the big nights, but false eyelashes are nevertheless an ideal solution to enlarge our small beads. Less expensive than eyelash extensions and more spectacular than mascara, they are very good allies.

3. Shiny eyelids

Always with the aim of illuminating the eyes, we opt instead for eyeshadows in light, iridescent or pearly colors. To open it outwards, we apply a darker shadow (which can be mat, to avoid the too glittery look) that we stretch from the middle to the outside of the eyelid, and along the fringe of the eyelid. lower lashes to emphasize the eye.

4. Hairy eyebrows

The eyebrows are of the utmost importance to highlight the look. We remember to epilate the underside of their line before brushing the hairs upwards, then we apply a light shadow at the top of the fixed eyelid to catch the light.

5. Mine awakened

No big eyes with a tired look. We hide our ugly dark circles with a concealer that is a shade lighter than our skin tone.

You are now ready to make your eyes shine!

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