Is he reluctant to have a baby? He grumbles and looks for any excuse to delay the baby’s arrival. Here are 40 of the best reasons to have a child to convince him.

Here you are, you have been in a relationship for a long time now, you live together and you now only dream of one thing… To enlarge your nascent family by adding a little being drooling, wriggling and overflowing with love.

Despite your subtle allusions and your pleading gaze, your Doudou is turning a deaf ear and doesn’t seem as impatient as you to have this baby?

Here are 40 of the best reasons to have a baby. Among them, you will certainly find the one that will make your man bend and answer the question he is sure to ask “One, baby? But why?”

Because pregnant women are beautiful.

Because, at 3, life is sweeter.

Because having a baby is certainly the best proof of love.

For the pleasure of finding a name for your little one.

To buy cute baby clothes.

Because a baby’s slobbery kiss is so good.

Because a child’s laughter is the most beautiful music in the world.

To discover unconditional love.

Because “dad” and “mom” are the tenderest words.

To take beautiful photos.

To reread the books that fascinated you when you were a child.

Because a man with a stroller is so sexy.

To be moved by all the “first times” of her baby.

Because being surrounded by children allows you to stay young.

To have an apology for all those packages of cakes in your cupboards.

To believe with him in Santa Claus.

… And the little mouse too.

To review your multiplication tables.

To be someone’s superhero.

To discover life through his eyes.

To fall back into childhood.

To have the best reason to get up in the morning.

To meet the real wonder.

To recognize in her face the eyes of her daddy and the dimple in yours.

To take naps in the middle of the day.

To find all the smells of childhood.

To have breasts that really fill your bra well.

To give and receive tons of kisses.

To dispense contraception for the next 9 months.

To go without complex at places such as Disneyland.

For wrapping up in a blanket, watching cartoons (with a good ice cream in hand).

To make him burst out laughing by blowing on his little round can.

To no longer suffer the disapproving gaze of the cashier in front of the mountains of packets of candy that you put on her conveyor belt.

To rediscover the pleasure of a picnic in the living room or a snack taken under a sheet stretched between two chairs.

To sing songs to someone who finally appreciates your voice.

To have a good excuse to shorten a meal a little too boring. To rediscover the sleepovers. And, later, the booms. To read the admiration and total confidence in his eyes To finally understand why your parents have been so worried about you, all this time.

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