Winter is a period when the skin of the face is put to the test: between the cold, the humidity, the wind and the variations in temperature, one can very quickly have dry skin and chapped lips. Is this your case? Here’s how to prevent and treat chapped lips.

If there’s one thing we all hate, it’s having chapped lips – there is nothing more uncomfortable than suffering from tight lips and inflamed corners. Fortunately, there are several remedies to treat this seasonal illness and, above all, to avoid being confronted with it.

Why do we have chapped lips?

But why is this part of our face more sensitive to winter attacks? Unlike the skin of the rest of the body, that of our lips does not contain a greasy film, which makes it particularly vulnerable: it dries much faster! In winter, the cold but also the wind and the heating will largely sensitize the skin of the lips and make it crack, by dehydration.

Best remedies for chapped lips

1. Hydrate the lips as much as possible

If you want to treat – or avoid – chapped lips, you will have to provide them with oily and ultra-hydrating protection, and therefore brush them with balm several times a day. Choose your lip balm carefully. Avoid those that are too runny in texture or contain paraffin, essential oils and / or perfume. They tend to attack the skin more. Instead, prefer balms rich in vegetable oils and / or highly concentrated in protective fatty substances.

We like those that contain shea butter, coconut or argan oil for a super nourishing effect. 

2. Drink water a lot

In order to have well hydrated skin that does not crack, it is important to start by drinking plenty of water. You can also drink tea, just to take advantage of its many benefits on the body, but be careful not to drink it too hot so as not to further attack the skin of the lips.

3. Protect your lips before going bed

Did you know that the skin regenerates the most at night? So apply a good layer of lip balm before going to bed (make it a ritual like removing makeup). Here again, think of balms containing vegetable butter. 

4. Use air humidifier

Heating can really dry out our skin, starting with the lips. To avoid this, consider running an air humidifier in your home.


  • Long-lasting lipsticks: they tend to dry out the skin on the lips.
  • Tear off dead skin: by tearing them off, you risk injuring yourself and therefore catching an infection. If it’s impossible for you to resist the temptation, a word of advice: mix honey with a little sugar and gently exfoliate your lips in circular motions.
  • Moisten his lips: avoid passing your tongue over your lips as much as possible, this tends to attack them!

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