Every one of us has had to serve up such a small white lie. But there are zodiac signs where lying is almost part of everyday life. We’ll tell you which three they are.

Yes, we all lie now and then. The emphasis is on “every now and then”. Because with some people, the frauds get out of hand. They lie as much as they can and no longer even notice which of their stories is true and which are not.

They tell their fellow men the blue of the sky. And because they fool so often, they now do it like real professionals. They present their lies so credibly that they are seldom exposed. We’ll tell you three zodiac signs that have this property in common and are simply real swindlers.

Note in advance: We have selected the zodiac signs based on their typical (and generally known) character traits. All of this must of course be taken with a wink – after all, the stars can be wrong too. There are certainly many honest souls among the zodiac signs listed.

# 3: Taurus

Taurus loves to be the center of attention. It is important for people with this zodiac sign to be among the most popular in their circle of friends. You want to be well received by other people. Their tactic to achieve this is to wrap other people around your finger. She especially likes to shower her friends with compliments. And only to make yourself popular. And if the bull has to cheat every now and then, then he accepts it approvingly.

Taurus like to promise their fellow human beings the blue of the sky. But when they lie, they usually don’t mean it at all. They just want them to be well received by everyone. There is simply nothing better for Taurus than to be loved and admired by others. And that’s definitely worth a few lies to him.

# 2: Twins

Gemini love to talk for their lives – but you definitely shouldn’t believe every word they say about it. People with this zodiac sign have the peculiarity that they absolutely want to get their way. And at any price. In order to convince others of themselves and their opinion, they like to turn stories and statements to suit them.

and because they do it so often and are really talented in communication anyway, their rumors hardly ever fly up. And when they do, they like to downplay their lies or try to change the subject. However, twins should be careful not to get too caught up in their lies at some point.

# 1: Lion

Lions secure the undisputed first place in the ranking of the biggest swindlers. People with this zodiac sign are simply gifted liars. You like to be the center of attention and want to be liked by everyone. They often tell false stories to others just to impress them. They tell stories very differently from the way they happened, or they decorate them with little quibbles. Better to believe only half of what a lion is saying.

Because Lions lie so often and so much, they can sometimes no longer say exactly which of their stories really happened and which didn’t. Their construct of lies evolves into their reality, so they can use it to play tricks on their own memory. How often they have lied lately and what topics it was about, they often no longer know exactly. And with all their hoaxes, lions don’t even have a guilty conscience.

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