Some people are just wonderful friends. Whatever your problem, they are always there for you. We reveal to you which are the three signs of the zodiac that you can always count on.

Whether you need a strong shoulder to lean on, someone you trust who you can share all your secrets with, or just someone who genuinely listens to you, know that there are people who have these characteristics. And yes, we will not teach you, the zodiac sign says a lot about character traits and also about the way a person behaves in his social relationships. We reveal to you which are the three most faithful astrological signs in friendship.

1. Capricorn

If you have a Capricorn in your circle of friends, you probably have one of the best friends you can imagine. Capricorns are known for their honesty, loyalty, and steadfast soul. They are always listening to their loved ones and would do anything to make sure they are okay.

In addition, Capricorn has incredible stamina and is very patient. You can always turn to him for your problems. He listens to you – again and again. Even if all of your other friends seem annoyed by your complaints, Capricorn will listen to you patiently and be there for you in any situation, no matter how difficult it is. He really is a great friend!

The 5 words that define Capricorns: persevering, courageous, loyal, benevolent, sensitive.
Its element: Earth (like Taurus and Virgo)
Its master planet: Saturn
Polar opposite: Cancer

2. The Taurus

Taurus is by far one of the most loyal zodiac signs around. Once a Taurus takes you into their heart, your friendship will likely last a lifetime. The bull rarely allows himself to be seduced by something new. Plus, he’s always there for his friends, and just like Capricorn, he’s loyal and knows how to keep his tongue out. With a Taurus, all your secrets are safe!

But the Taurus is not just a good friend in difficult times. With it, you can also enjoy the finer things in life. People of this zodiac sign are sensual and have a lot of fun. By their side, you just feel good and you can experience great things together. They really bring everything you expect from a good friend.

The 5 words that define Taurus: possession, security, money, loyalty, stability
Its element: Earth (like Virgo and Capricorn)
Its master planet: Venus
Polar opposite: Scorpio

3. Virgo

Virgo is an incredibly loyal friend. Above all, people with this astrological sign are very reliable! And that also goes for their friendship. If you have a Virgo as a friend, you can always count on them and be sure that you will never be disappointed.
A Virgo always finds the right words, which is why she is considered the “therapist” in many circles of friends. Her advice is always honest, even if you don’t always want to hear it. These people are inherently loyal and want only the best for their loved ones. In the end, you will notice that Virgos are often right.

The 5 words that define Virgo: precise, helpful, anxious, modest, selfish
Its element:Earth (like Taurus and Capricorn)
Its ruling planet: Mercury
Polar opposite: Pisces

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