Of course, it’s okay to be a little jealous from time to time. However, some people go too far with jealousy and can be downright possessive. What do they have in common ? Their zodiac sign!

here is always a bit of jealousy in a relationship. But sometimes it takes on significant proportions. Some people can become so possessive that it puts a strain on themselves and their relationship. Too much jealousy kills jealousy, and if you do, it easily makes you and your partner unhappy.

Most often, jealousy is the root cause of a lack of self-esteem. Because if you don’t love yourself, you don’t tend to believe that someone else can love you for who you are. As a result, it fuels your fear of losing your other half. Result: you want to control it at all costs.

Could this more or less significant character trait be linked to our zodiac sign? We must believe that it is. We reveal the three most jealous astrological signs of the zodiac to you .

3. Aries

Aries can sometimes shyly express affection. But when he really cares about you, you should avoid making him jealous (even to tease him!). Indeed, he can change his behavior completely and get extremely angry. But fortunately, his seizures are of short duration, because they exhaust him.Contradictively, having a rival will never make him doubt his power of seduction, he will even feel stimulated and this will give him a goal: l ‘eliminate from the competition!

As for loyalty, Aries are pretty strict about it and, if they’ve felt threatened, you’re going to have to win their affection again – and that can take a while! He proves to be very resentful in this situation. So, until Aries turns the page, you will need to be persistent.

2. Leo

The Leo is shown to be very eager for the attention of others on his own person. Watch out for anyone who dares to steal their place in the spotlight. The Leo quickly becomes envious, because that’s their way of thinking: if no one notices, they will tend to denigrate themselves. He does not especially seek to shine, he simply wants to exist in the eyes of others. He also tends to compare himself to others because he secretly wants to be like them, since he lacks self-confidence. If he is jealous, it is because deep down he has an enormous need for love.

Leo can be quite competitive, which is why he feels the need to always stand out and show that he is the best. Plus, he doesn’t like to share – whether it’s attention or his / her partner. He then appears very possessive. He likes to defend his territory, like a real lion!

Also, once he gets caught up in the spiral of jealousy, he will find it very difficult to come out of it. If you are in a relationship with a Leo, reassure him, remind him why you are together! Note: Leo is more likely to be jealous in public. In the private sphere, he seems more relaxed (and fortunately!).

1. Scorpio

Scorpio is probably the most jealous sign in the zodiac. With his / her partner, the Scorpio is particularly passionate, in love – and jealous! On the one hand, he seems to be an ideal romantic and on the other hand, his mood changes extremely quickly as soon as something can make him jealous. Scorpios feel particularly vulnerable when they get attached to someone. His greatest fear is losing his other half. Loyalty turns out to be a primary principle and according to him, a couple does not mean anything without loyalty. If you cheat on him, he may not forgive you.

In addition, he likes to exaggerate his suspicions and imagine the worst. This creates problems that did not exist at the base. A jealous Scorpio will evaluate the smallest thing that could change their mind. He focuses too much on the details and sometimes forgets the essential.

His jealousy can go very far. He quickly becomes suspicious. When they are jealous, Scorpios can no longer think rationally. This could be because he is not able to trust others easily and when he has granted it to you, it is best to take care of him. For him, jealousy looks like betrayal on the part of his / her partner. If you are with a Scorpio, talk to him, try to reassure him and show him that he has nothing to worry about!

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