Don’t like fitness classes? Are you not particularly athletic and want to burn calories without forcing yourself to practice daily jogging? Here are 20 ways to burn 200 calories without realizing it!

To burn calories, you don’t have to be signing up for a gym or running for an hour each day. The main thing is to move very often, to get up, to walk, to do as many activities as possible energetically. The calories burned indications contained in our article are averages and vary according to your weight and the intensity of the practice.

Walking the dog

We walk, we run and we burn calories without even feeling like playing sports. With all your attention focused on your adorable dog, you forget to think of the hill or the steep street you are climbing. In the city, as in the countryside, this activity allows you to go out, get some fresh air while exercising.

Time to burn around 200 calories  : one hour


It is definitely not the most fun activity. But if this task falls to you from time to time, try to profit from it! For that, vacuum in a smart way: change hands, get down well. Vacuuming works the arms, lower back and helps tone the shoulders and buttocks.

If your apartment is too small to spend well doing this housework, follow up with a mop-cleaning session. Results : a brick interior and a refined silhouette!

Time to burn around 200 calories  : one hour

Read, write, think!

By digging through your administrative papers, writing letters or emails to old acquaintances or reading a good article, your brain is activated. Indeed, it needs glucose (sugar) to function. Thinking therefore burns calories. To perform these tasks, whether you are sitting in front of a good book, at your desk or in front of a computer, always remember to stand up straight and maintain good posture.

Time to burn around 200 calories  : four hours

Take the stairs

As soon as the opportunity arises, desert the elevator and take the stairs. This activity is a great way to burn calories at a lower cost. Excellent for refining the legs and buttocks. 

No need to sign up for a step class anymore: contract your abdominal muscles well and go up or down the stairs at a good pace , without stopping.

Facing an escalator, same technique: you climb the steps instead of being carried away.

Time to burn around 200 calories  : 20 minutes

Dance without stopping

This is a fun activity, ideal for letting off steam while burning calories ! No matter the music, the location, or even the style of dancing, the main thing is to move your whole body . Treat yourself, you will have fun without even thinking about the exercise you are doing.

If you go to a club or a friend’s house, avoid alcoholic drinks or the benefits of dancing on your figure will be reduced to zero.

Time to burn around 200 calories  : one hour

Walk while calling

Walking is a complete sport and it is easy to increase the frequency of this activity on a daily basis. As soon as you receive or make a phone call, get up and walk. Nothing could be simpler since the invention of cell phones! At home or in the street, even at the office, pace or follow a route while talking with your interlocutor . You will play sports without realizing it and above all, you will optimize your time. No need to take an hour to play sports!

Likewise, on a daily basis, make as many journeys as possible on foot.

Time to burn around 200 calories  : one hour

NB : it is advisable to use a hands-free kit to reduce your exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields emitted by mobile phones.

Wash the dishes

Few people love to do the dishes. But if you don’t own a dishwasher and this unpleasant assignment sometimes falls on you, look on the bright side: this household activity allows you to burn calories.

So contract your abdominal muscles, be careful not to be stooped and wash while singing … This will make this chore go through faster!

If your sink is too low for you, don’t lean forward, instead bend your legs to be at the correct height. This will work your lower body muscles.

Duration to burn around 200 calories  : 1h20

Having sex

This is nothing new: sexual relations can be compared to real sports practice.

With the increase in heart rate and the various movements practiced, all the muscles in your body are called upon.

The intensity and duration of the lovemaking obviously vary the number of calories burned.

Time to burn around 200 calories  : 30 minutes

Prepare good meals

Do you like to cook? Know that this activity can help you lose weight! Getting active in the kitchen by preparing meals, washing, peeling, cutting or seasoning ingredients, these are stimulating activities that can be effective for your figure.

Be careful, however, not to prepare fatty or high calorie dishes , your efforts will be destroyed.

Duration to burn around 200 calories  : 1h20


To make your short trips or just to get some fresh air, consider cycling. This activity is good for your health and for your figure. A few pedal strokes instead of systematically taking your car? This is a fat-burning and ecological gesture!

Remember to hydrate yourself well for long rides on two wheels and do not forget your helmet, it is safer.

Time to burn around 200 calories  : 45 minutes

Ironing clothes

Another household activity that we could easily do without. But if you have to iron your dresses and other blouses from time to time, you might as well see the benefits of this laborious task.

To burn as many calories as possible, move around your ironing board well and bend your legs slightly. Never force on your back. Try to change hands if you are skilled enough.

Duration to burn around 200 calories  : 1h30

Play with children

To forget your worries, nothing like a little play session with one or more children.

Indoors or outdoors, run, roll on the ground , act out and use their toys with them: nothing is forbidden to you! You will exercise while having fun and distracting your dear toddlers. 

Time to burn around 200 calories  : one hour

Gardening and mowing the lawn

In love with nature and green spaces, rest assured: your passion can help you keep or regain your shape. Outdoor activities, such as gardening or lawn care, are physical. Mowing the lawn also works the triceps and pecs : ideal for getting a nice chest. To practice without moderation, it is good for the morale and it stimulates the respiratory and cardiovascular functions.

However, be sure to spare your back and protect yourself from bad weather or the sun.

Time to burn around 200 calories  : one hour

Play music

Piano, violin, saxophone … Whatever the instrument, its practice allows you to exert yourself, at the same intensity as if you were spending time thinking or working on a file.

It will take you several hours to burn 200 calories, but this stimulating activity is also beneficial for your motor skills and coordination. In short, a very complete occupation!

Time to burn around 200 calories  : four hours

Go shopping

Are you walking, carrying bags, fighting over a sale item with another customer? Here you are, burning calories in your favorite stores. Shopping and groceries at the supermarket can be very physical if you walk around. Be careful to balance the bags you carry between your two arms to avoid hurting your back.

Time to burn around 200 calories  : one hour

Store and move furniture and objects

Do you like to change the decoration and atmosphere, move objects and move furniture? Know that this activity is beneficial for your figure . In addition to good for your morale, this occupation calls on the muscles of your arms but also those of your lower body.
And if you also enjoy DIY, that’s even better.
Be careful, however, of heavy loads: the objective is not to damage your back!

Time to burn around 200 calories  : 30 minutes

Pushing a pram

Young mothers, certain sports are forbidden to you after childbirth but it is quite accessible. Walking your child in their stroller or pram allows you to resume exercise smoothly.
With this very complete activity, you will work the muscles of your arms but also of your legs and glutes.
You can adapt the difficulty of the exercise to your needs and your physical condition by choosing a more or less steep course. 

Time to burn around 200 calories  : one hour

Wash the windows

Be energetic when tackling your tiles! If you can feel the muscles in your arms “heating up”, this is a very good sign. You are building muscle while doing this household chore.
Don’t stop: the goal is to get your heart rate up just like when you are in a gym.
Try to change hands so that you don’t strain the muscles in one arm.  

Time to burn around 200 calories  : one hour


During the winter, this fun activity can help you decompress. Better yet: the cold and the fact of having to go up the slope while pulling your sled make you work out. You burn calories without even realizing it . So, as it is good for your morale and your figure, take a breath of fresh air … and snow! 

Time to burn around 200 calories  : 30 minutes

Image source: Dean Drobot

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