Men’s heads (like women’s heads) are full of fantasies. Without claiming to know everything about male sexual preferences, we can however establish certain generalities that are not mistaken. And men’s desires may vary, but certain fantasies arise very, very often. So we show you the most common. In bed, men wants …

Be careful , nothing replaces communication in a couple. While it can be difficult to broach some topics, keep in mind that the basis of great sex is trust and consent.

1. That we prolong the preliminaries

No, foreplay is not just for female pleasure! Men also like to prolong the pleasure, to feel the desire rising in them and to explore their sexuality differently.

2. Let him rule us

Your partner likes to feel that he is the domineering male and that he conquers you. So when we feel the urge, we let him take control of the situation and lead the dance …

3. That we be affectionate and tender

Caresses and proofs of love are part of those attentions that we love but tend to neglect. Hugs, caresses, kisses … nothing better during sex.

4. Take our time

It is wrong to think that men are in a hurry to bed. They also like to take their time and gradually let desire overwhelm them.

5. Take control

(Yes, it’s complicated, especially after reading paragraph 3!)
And the sexual practices that invite us to take power and dominate are numerous: queening, pegging, bondage … It’s up to you to find what suits best to your couple.

6. Caress him

Focus on areas other than his penis! All men love to have their testicles stroked, but the buttocks, back and neck are other very erogenous zones. As every man is different, it’s up to you to explore to find his sensitive areas.

7. That we use our mouth (not exclusively on his)

The fellatio lot comes top of the list regarding what men like in bed vary the movements and his seventh heaven will not be very far!

8. Tell him what we want

Men love to give you pleasure and see you cum. Talk to him about your fantasies and tell him what you like (or don’t).

9. That we approach his behind

Discuss it with your partner, as this is a “taboo” touch. The area near the anus is very sensitive. This place generates several chills which can be very exciting, as we approach the prostate, an extremely erogenous zone.

10. That we masturbate in front of him

Visual stimulation is very exciting. Seeing your partner get off without restraint is quite a spectacle. If you really want to drive him crazy, don’t let him touch himself during your solo session. It also allows you to show him what really turns you on. And why not try mutual masturbation ?

11. That we use “dirty talk”

Without narrating everything that’s going on, whisper harsher words in her ear than usual. Tell her what makes you happy and share what you want.

12. Let us be a tad brutal

He loves vanilla sex, but he also enjoys it when it’s stronger, more animal and more raw.

13. Surprise him

Destabilize him! Naughty outfits, new positions, new places: break the routine. Without complicating things too much, it is possible to spice up everyday life a little.

14. Let us take out our sextoys

Whether it’s the vibrator , heating oils or sexy games, erotic objects spice up the relationship.

15. That we vary the places

Do not let yourself be won over by the routine (see point no 13)! Surprise your man by initiating the act in all the rooms of the house and why not elsewhere.

16. That we watch pornography with him

To make each other want and also as a source of inspiration, watching porn videos for two has a lot of advantages. This often helps to spice up sex life and discuss your fantasies. As long as you know how to choose … Why not feminist porn?

17. Watch each other in action

Men have a very visual desire reaction, especially in bed. A strategically placed mirror near the bed (or wherever you are) will allow him to see himself in action.

18. Make him a show

Invent yourself naked dancer or stripper! No matter your little complexes, it doesn’t matter to your man. A private dance given by the woman he loves, he will be delighted!

19. Make some noise

When you are under the sheets, moans, deep breaths and cries of enjoyment are welcome. There is nothing more motivating for a man to find that he gives you (a lot) of pleasure.

20. That we stimulate … his esteem

Not just that way! Men also have confidence issues. Let him know that he is attractive and that you find him good looking. After all, if he floods you with compliments, you have to return the favor.

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