Are you currently stuck in quarantine by yourself because of the coronavirus? We’ll tell you the best tips against loneliness, so that you get through the time well.

Social contacts are currently being significantly reduced due to the corona virus. For all infected people and people who have had contact with someone who has been infected with Covid-19, there is even a strict domestic quarantine.

But staying home for weeks – in the worst case all alone – is a scary thought for everyone. The fact that we all – whether infected or not – have to forego our normal hobbies and should also avoid crowds, means that we have to deal intensively with ourselves. And that’s not always easy.

If we are then stuck in a corona quarantine ordered by the health department, it can quickly lead to us feeling damn lonely. We are scared and depressed. But we can do something ourselves so that these negative feelings do not take over everything. And without having to leave our apartment.

That’s why we have a few tips for you against loneliness so that you can stay reasonably happy and balanced in the corona quarantine and not lose contact with the outside world.

1. Create a routine

If we can no longer go about our usual activities, we suddenly have a lot of time and often don’t know what to do with ourselves. This harbors the risk that we will simply live into the day and at the end of the day have the feeling that we have actually achieved nothing.

That is why it is particularly important to create a fixed daily structure . Always try to get up and go to bed at the same time. Set small goals for each day that you want to implement. They should be chosen according to the circumstances, for example tidy up the living room.

2. Positive attitude

Tips against loneliness cannot do much if our basic attitude already resembles pure despair. It sounds trite at first, but our inner attitude towards a situation can already make a huge difference. To many, the thought of being alone seems frightening at first. And if we associate being alone with negative feelings, we find it difficult to endure the situation.

But being alone doesn’t have to be a bad thing: First of all, it just means that we have a lot of time for ourselves. Time that is usually neglected in normal everyday life! Therefore, try not to perceive the corona quarantine as just something purely negative. But also as the opportunity to get to know yourself better. Make it clear to yourself what makes you happy and what makes you unhappy in life and think about what goals you are actually pursuing.

3. Making phone calls and chatting

Quite clearly: no SMS, Facebook message and no letter can replace direct contact. It is therefore very important to keep in touch with the outside world on the phone regularly with family or friends . In the best case even by video call, because this way you feel much closer to your loved ones.

In the meantime, however, it can also help to keep in touch via various social media channels in order to be able to communicate with other people.

Tip: Writing letters old-fashioned can be a great way to keep in touch, because letters are much more personal than a WhatsApp message.

4. Break the silence

Most of us are used to being on the go: the gym, partying with friends, having coffee with family or going to the cinema: the list is long. But what to do if all of this is suddenly forbidden? The unfamiliar silence that now enters our own four walls can be quite overwhelming.

So if the silence makes you feel lonely, you should try to make enough noise in your apartment . Turn on the TV or let the radio play in the background. So you hear voices in the apartment and feel a little less alone.

5. Doing things that make you happy

There are many indoor activities that can help relieve boredom. When you feel lonely, the main thing you should do is do things that are good for you and that make you happy. A good tip against loneliness is therefore to pursue exactly the things that you love .

Knitting, baking, reading, painting, taking photos (that can also be done in the apartment!), Caring for the plants, cuddling and playing with the pet, turning up the music loudly and dancing to your favorite song or taking time for solo sex . You will notice that things that you enjoy directly create a better mood.

6. Exercise physically

Regardless of whether you usually go to the gym regularly or are more of a couch potato: Physical activity is not only healthy, but also important for the psyche. One of the most important tips against loneliness is therefore: do sports . (Provided you are physically healthy, of course.)

You don’t have to start doing 100 push-ups now, slow exercises like yoga or Pilates also loosen the muscles and are good for the psyche. If you really want to work out, you can watch fitness videos on YouTube, for example.

7. Pimp your apartment

Quite clearly: if we have to spend a lot of time in our apartment, we should of course feel comfortable in our home. The corona quarantine is therefore the perfect time to whip up the apartment.

How about some spring cleaning, for example ? Or just clear out your booth. Sometimes it can also work wonders to redesign the room a little by moving the furniture or changing decorations.

8. Relaxation exercises

Especially when we are overwhelmed not only by loneliness but also by stress and fear, relaxation exercises can help. Breathing exercises, meditation or progressive muscle relaxation calm your body and mind and help you to find your inner balance.

9. Stay mentally active

If you are used to working or studying every day, it can cause disillusionment if the spiritual challenge suddenly fails to appear. Therefore try to keep yourself busy enough. A tip against loneliness is therefore, for example, to learn a new language or to solve small puzzles that keep your gray matter in shape.

10. Take care of yourself

Sitting in quarantine because of the coronavirus is an unusual situation for all of us. And that can evoke a wide variety of emotions, from fear and sadness to anger. It is important to allow and accept these feelings because they are normal reactions to an abnormal situation.

If you are feeling down or isolated, it can help to write your thoughts down in a journal. Telephone counseling can also help if you want to talk to someone about your feelings.

Important: Nevertheless, make sure to drink enough and eat regularly. You should attach particular importance to cooking delicious and healthy dishes, because they are also good for the mood.

11. Communication with the neighbors

Corona quarantine: Yes. No more human interaction: No! Even if you cannot leave your apartment, it is possible to have contact with your neighbors. You can talk through the open window or from the balcony without getting too close. If you have a good relationship, you can even arrange regular ” balcony dates “.

12. Wellness at home

If you’ve ever been to the massage or the sauna, you’ll know for sure that you’re totally relaxed afterwards. You can easily bring this feeling home and it’s also a great tip against loneliness: treat yourself to a little wellness break . Take a hot shower or bath, put on a face mask and just relax.

13. Be there in the live stream

Do you long to “be there” again? That should now be possible with broadcasts. For example, concerts are broadcast live online. Of course, it’s not the same as standing in the crowd at a concert, but at least the thought that many other people are looking at the same thing as you is comforting!

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