Mother Nature didn’t give you a model size? Do not panic. There are some ultra-simple fashion solutions to look taller without the need to wear heels. We say yes!

1. Balance the silhouette

It’s a bit of the golden rule: restructure the silhouette with clothes. To lengthen your body, opt for a slightly cropped top, paired with high waisted pants . Your bust appears smaller and your legs longer. For the pants, also choose slightly short pieces such as 7/8 pants , trendy and elegant as you want.

2. Wear dark colors

We agree, it may not be very happy but it works. And yes, it is well known, dark colors lengthen the silhouette . On the other hand, avoid the total black look in summer, so as not to suffocate in your outfit and opt for light materials, available in monochrome shades or shades.

3. Adopt vertical stripes

Be careful, you have to choose the right stripes. The horizontal stripes are very beautiful but they tend to increase the figure. The good plan? Opt for vertical stripes which, with the help of an optical effect , completely lengthen the body. That’s good, it’s ultra-trendy, especially when they come to pimp a dress or a jumpsuit.

4. Have good posture

It may sound silly, but it’s a detail that can change everything. Instead of standing with your head down, neck tucked in, and back arched, practice standing straight with good head posture. It’s simple, it costs nothing and it’s already a few centimeters saved.

5. Take out the neckline

And yes, as we told you previously, structuring the silhouette is very important to gain centimeters. To follow this golden rule, nothing better than a neckline . The right part? A V-neck shirt, perfect for lengthening your bust, and also to distract your “little one” 1.50m.

6. A suitable hairstyle

Long hair is beautiful and glamorous. But now, a long hair can sometimes compress the silhouette, especially if your hair has an annoying tendency to be “flattened”. To gain a few inches, nothing better than a bun that reveals the nape of the neck or a dynamic square.

7. Forget about clothes that are too long

It’s a bit unfair but if you are less than 1.60m, we strongly advise you to say goodbye to skirts and long dresses. Instead, go for a short skirt which, in addition to being very cute, gives your look a little sexy edge. The midi or mid-length skirt can also be considered.

8. Choose the right accessories

Oversized bags, oversized bags … We say no! Yes, with such accessories you risk attracting the eye to the width rather than the height. And therefore, involuntarily compress your figure. Instead, prefer a small pouch or a mini version messenger bag.

9. Choose the right shoes

Above all, do not choose shoes that cut your ankle and therefore reduce your leg length!

10. Opt for the high waist cut

Whether it is for your skirts, your shorts or your pants, nothing better than the high waist which lengthens in two steps three movements, your silhouette for sure.

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